TGBT14A_912_16 - Q-Band tests of the IF and CR Rack

IFTarget tests

  • Using iftarget_tests, configured Q-band to observe 2 lines each in their own VEGAS bank, 40.6 and 43.6 GHz (~3GHz spread)
  • This put the IF Rack attenuation at 18dB (giving an output power of ~1V (as expected). The converter rack then was balanced from 25-4dB.
  • When only observing at 1 frequency (42.6 GHz), the IF balanced at 19dB (1V), and the converter rack at 10 and 18 dB (2 and 1V for left and right circular respectively).
  • When splitting the frequencies in test 1 to 3.5GHz, one attenuator dropped to 2.875dB, suggesting we are approaching the limits of these capabilities, but not there yet. The 6GHz bandwidth possibility may be suspect.
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