Testing on April 24, 2014


Make sure that scripts for CHANGES project (AGBT14A_249) work. Megan Johnson wrote the scripts which were subsequently edited by Amanda Kepley. Key feature is we are mapping with very short integration times and winking the cal. We're not sure whether we want to use mode 1 or mode 2, so I'm going to try both.

Project info:

  • TGBT13B _502_56


  • Scan 5-8: Ran CHANGES-FluxCAL. Series of OnOffs using Mode 1. Everything ran okay. It looks like the exposure time was okay (0.040), but the HWEXPOSURE was very short (0.0005). Filling to take a closer look at the data in GBTIDL. It looks like each phase is getting 0.02s of data, which is what I expect. I have one feed and four polarizations. What I don't understand is I should have 1500 samples (60/0.04), but I actually have 1465 samples. However, if I take the actual sample time (0.0409s) and divide by the scan length I get something closer to expected.
  • Scan 9 : Ran CHANGES-MAP. This is a script that will replicate the mapping conditions using mode 1. This map only made one row. Can't figure out why. I think it's because the arguments are flipped for RALongMap. Should be longsize, latsize. Megan had it latsize, longsize.
  • Scan 10-44: Fixed up script and re-ran. Now I'm getting 35 rows. I need to double-check my changes against what's in the original project to make sure things are okay.
  • Trying Spider. Cannot determine the value of keyword 'swtype'. The configuration is fine for my map, so I'm wondering if this is an issue with spider. It does weird things with calon/caloff
  • Scan 45- 46: Trying CHANGES-FluxCAL with mode 2. Wait. This is still in mode 1. Forgot to save script.
  • Scan 47: CHANGES-FluxCAL. Changed to mode 2, but still says that it's taking data in mode 1.
  • Scan 48-51: CHANGES-FluxCAL. Changed to mode 2, but VEGAS cleo screen still says mode 1. I need to double-check the data after I've filled it.
  • Scan 52-63: Trying Spider with swtype='none' in configuration. Now it's taking data. Looks like the cal is still running, so if I wanted to do things Carl's way, I would have to configure for tp_nocal. I am seeing 30s startup times for the legs of the spider.

-- AmandaKepley - 2014-04-24

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