Testing on April 18, 2014


  • Test Jim Braatz's scripts

Project info

  • TGBT13B _502_55

TGBT13B_502_55 Log

  • 7:30am - slew to source - ~ 135 degree slew - KFPA Manager error messages
  • jb-pointfocus (configures for Spectrometer) 1-5 ok
  • jb-spectrometer - scan 6-9 Ok
  • jb-vegas (with vegas.vfreq=[]) - scan 10-13. Scan 12 did not fill in the online filler
  • jb-spectrometer - Scans 14-17
  • jb-vegas Scans 18-21
  • jb-vegas-wide1 Scans 22-25
  • There are definite drop-outs in the total power display - drops to -31dB ~ 20 secs after the start of the scan in A and E, again about 50 secs later in E only (so it is not doppler tracking I don't think). Bank B, C and F (not in use) show it also.
  • Now Bank A display has no peak, the total power is systematically shifting up and down. Looks like a square wave, period 30 secs, amplitude 0.3dB. Bank C manager is doing it too, but with a shorter period (10 secs; so is Bank G).
  • jb-vegas-wide2 Scans 26-29
  • jb-vegas-wide3 Scans 30-33
  • Bank A, C, D, E, G all have dropouts again, none of them synchronized with each other
  • All Banks are doing the square wave thing now - 20 sec period, 0.3dB amplitude
  • A,B,D,C,E all have dropouts (to -31dB roughly but not exactly.)
  • Bank B does the square wave thing, but whole power level drops by 1 dB. Bank D goes up by 1dB.
  • 9:30am finito

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