VEGAS Tests 2013 November 05


Re-test modes 1, 2, and 3 on VEGAS to make sure that they are will working with the next bof files that include the DIBAS fixes.

Observing details

  • Project ID: TGBT13B_502
  • Session: 20
  • Tried Lmode1speconoff
  • Tried to configure, but managers not on
  • Called Ray Creager. He worked his magic on VEGAS to get banks A and B up and running. Problem was that programs that allocated shared memory were missing, so vegas couldn't set up memory. reinstalled those modules and it worked.
  • VEGAS not showing up in IF manager or Device tab of the status window.
  • At some point called operator to take the Antenna out of ScanCoordinator to avoid problems.
  • RRLXbandMode2SpecOnOff. failed because I didn't have control of the telescope.
  • RRLXbandMode2SpecOnoff. worked okay.
  • turned managers on and off in dev explorer for good measure to try and get VEGAS to show up in IF Manager or Device tab of status window but didn't work.
  • Lmode1SpecOnOff
  • RRLXbandMode3SpecOnOff
  • RRLXbandMode3SpecOnOff
  • Forgot to check in manager whether using right BOF file for modes 2 and 3. Should check during astronomical testing later in the week.
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