VEGAS Tests 2013 August 19a


  • Checking configuration of Mode 4 to 19 using config tool
  • Check sub_frequency, filter_bw parameters for mode 1 to 19 are passed to the coordinator correctly by config tool


  • Lmode1specfresw, Lmode2specfresw, Lmod3specfresw were used to check whether sub_frequency and filter_bw are passed to the VEGAS coordinator correctly. The coordinator gets the parameters correctly from config tool as checked with Device explorer, but it was not passed to the VEGAS manager.

  • Lmode4specfresw, Lmode5specfresw, Lmode6specfresw, Lmode7specfresw, Lmode8specfresw, Lmode9specfresw used for the test. The unit_test_output_test used were examined to see the parameter passed by the config tool are correct. These scripts appeared to be working correctly.
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