VEGAS Testing 2013 August 15


  • diagnose mode 2 data taking issues; check out weekend observing scripts

Session id

  • TGBT13B_502_06

Observing Details

  • started at 1;45pm
  • Scan 2 Run ripple test_lband_mode2 - fails to take data - 10ms switch period, so each phase is 5ms, but minimum integration time is 8ms.
  • Scan 3 OnOff pair for above.
  • Run some scans to demonstrate to Galen that three of the four Converter Rack modules are pegged at 31.875 dB. This seems to be the case for all of Modes 1,2,3
  • Test Saturday's observing scripts
  • Scan 10 ExGalMode2SpecFsw. Seems to run fine, fill fine, and plots fine in GBTIDL. But, if I try and plot in units of Jy, get GBTIDL error (see section below)
  • Scan 11 ExGalMode3SpecFsw - also seems fine.
  • Scan 12/13 ExGalMode2SpecOnOff - seems fine
  • Scan 14/15 ExGalMode3SpecOnOff - seems fine
  • ... but in all of the above, GBTIDL will not display Bank B data (even though it seemed to fill ok)
  • Scan 16 Run ripple test_lband_mode2 for Ray for diagnostic purposes - no data again.
  • Finish at 3:45pm


TGBT13B_502_06 - Scan 10. getfs,10 works fine, but:
GBTIDL -> getfs,10, units="Jy"
% GETFS: Result is all blanked - probably all of the data were flagged
% Program caused arithmetic error: Floating divide by 0
% Program caused arithmetic error: Floating illegal operand

TGBT13B_502_06 - fill to /home/scratch/rprestag/vegas/TGBT13B_502_06. Both banks seem to fill ok. When I use filein to select Bank A, everything displays correctly. When I use filein to select Bank B, summary displays the scans correctly (10-15), but gettp produces error: % GETTP: No data found, can not continue.
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