VEGAS Testing 2013 August 14b


  • diagnose where the ripple seen in the S-band data from last Saturday's tests is coming from.

Session id

  • TGBT13B_502_05

Observing Details

  • started at 9:14 p.m. (01:14 UT) taking over from Richard
  • Ran ripple_test_sband_mode1 at 01:14 UT, which replicates the earlier conditions which had ripples in S-band data (scans 3 & 4)
  • Ran ripple_test_mode2 at 01:18 UT. There was no data in this scan. (scans 5&6)
  • Ran ripple_test_sband_mode3 at 01:22 UT. (scans 7&8)
  • Ran ripple_test_sband_spectrometer at 01:25 UT (scans 9&10)
  • Re-ran ripple_test_mode2 at 01:32 UT with swmode='tp_nocal' and noisecal='off' to see if get data. This filled successfully. (scans11&12)
  • Re-ran ripple_test_mode2 at 01:36 UT with swmode='tp' and noisecal='lo' to see if get data. This did not fill successfully, no data in file. Richard will test this tomorrow. (scans13&14)
  • Ran ripple_test_lband_mode1 at 01:39 UT (scans 15&16)
  • Ran ripple test_lband_mode2 at 01:45 UT (scans 17&18). Saw same problem as ripple test_mode2 in S-band (no data in resulting file). NETSTAT says receiving, but ACCSTAT says waiting (never accumulating).
  • Ran ripple_test_lband_mode3 at 01:48 UT (scans 19&20)
  • Ran ripple_test_lband_spectrometer at 01:50 UT (scans 21 &22)


  • BW not right in plotter or in header for mode 3 (****** instead of 1250 MHz)
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