VEGAS Tests 2013 Aug 09


  • Run VEGAS with the L-band receiver, and demonstrate to Galen that the converter rack settings need to be 0dB / 35 dB
  • Run MODE2 at 8ms with the new HPCs (vegas-hpc1 and vegas-hpc2) using Lbandmode2pul anddemonstrate no UT jumps
  • Run MODE2 with IF Noise Source and Lbandmode2pul - use setValues to switch IF bandwidth (filt_bw) to 950 MHz and check passband rolls off at 950 MHz.
  • Run MODE2 with L-band receiver and LO1B test tone. Check frequency switches between bins correctly

Observing details

  • Start 10:30am.
  • Start VEGAS Data Monitor by /home/gbt/gbt.csh; vegasdm
  • Session number is 23 according to Astrid
  • Have the whole system but antenna is at stow
  • Run DeviceDexplorer to see VEGAS parameters
  • Run script Lbandmode2specStow.
    • tint = 2.0, swper = 1.0, yet in DeviceExplorer sw_period and switch_period are both 4 - ask Ray about this
      • this problem mysteriously cures itself!
  • Scan 225 - fails to write VEGAS data - status is "not in service"
  • Scan 226 - same
  • problem is that ScanCoordinator had not been restarted since Ray fixed VEGAS to use different machines; TaskMaster restart ScanCoordinator
  • Scan 227 VEGAS fault VEGAS HPC program taking too long to be ready: 3500 mS - Ray looks in to this.
  • Try Lbandmode1pulStow - same problem with MODE1
  • update 3:00pm - seems it was a software problem - Ray believes he has fixed it.
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