SOFIA Science Teleconference

  • Date: Tuesday April 19
  • Time: 2-3pm EDT
  • Location NTC-200


I’ve organized the science case wiki page according to the major themes of the SOFIA Science Vision with some questions interspersed: As an agenda, I’d like to go through the potential science case, perhaps using the wiki page outline as a template, specifically identifying those observations which you wouldn’t think of proposing to do with GREAT as it stands, but would given a more sensitive, multi-pixel receiver. I think there is also value in reiterating the science case that you could do with GREAT—if there are ten times as many potential hours of productive observing than actual available flight time, then that also makes a very strong case for a more sensitive, multi-pixel 1200-1500 GHz receiver.


  • Yancy Shirley (University of Arizona)
  • Ted Bergin, by phone later (University of Michigan)

Engineers: Eric Bryerton, Rich Lacasse, Gordon Coutts, S. K. Pan, and others


Yancy only astronomer present, talked about H2D+, it’s surpisingly extended. Rachel Friesen here at NRAO wrote thesis on it. Yancy will be in Charlottesville at NAASC all month of June. Tony Remijan e-mailed afterward, he and Robin will write a couple paragraphs about astrochemistry. Talked to Ted Bergin afterward on phone. He agreed to wrote high-mass star formation section. Chemistry is interesting, but there’s not enough people doing it to justify entire science case on it . Ted suggested talking to David Neufeld about this. For extragalactic case, Ted suggested Paul van der Werf from Leiden. For planetary, he suggested Bryan Butler here at NRAO (Bryan now involved). Regarding PAH searches, Ted said HIFI looked for PAHs with no success. Gary Melnick couldn’t call in, but he suggested as back-up mapping high excitation water-16 in low-frequency bands.
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