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This is a QA2 function that generates a grid of phase vs. time plots showing the gain solutions before and after the application of the WVR corrections. It also computes a table of phase rms before and after. See also wvr_stat_all.


es.wvr_stat(ms1='', refAnt='', qa2_output_dir='', autoscale_yaxis=True, wvr_gaintable='', scanintent='BANDPASS', 
               solint='int', spw='', pol='', plotfile='wvr_plot.png', nsigma_coherence=5, unwrap_phase=True)
  • If left blank, wvr_gaintable defaults to ms1+'.wvr.smooth'. If not found, it tries ms1+'.wvr'
  • autoscale_yaxis can be set to True, False or a range in degrees such as [-90,90]
    • True will autorange the individual plots
    • False will set the range to -200 to 200 degrees
  • solint is passed to the gaincal calls, and thus can be 'int', 'inf' or some value in seconds, such as '15s'
  • the default spw will be the first science spw
  • the default pol will be 'X'
  • If a different plotfile name is provided, then the wvr_stat.txt file will be renamed to reflect the plotfile name



-- ToddHunter - 2013-04-02

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