Usage of visibleSky

Computes the fraction of sky ever visible from a specified location on Earth (latitude in degrees) above a specified horizon, entered either as elevation in degrees or as airmass.


visibleSky(latitude=-23.0229, elevation=15, airmass=None)


CASA <2>: au.visibleSky(72,airmass=3)   # GLT
At 72.60 deg latitude, the sky fraction accessible is 0.482 at airmass <3.00 (elev >19.47)
  Out[2]: 0.48192912

CASA <2>: au.visibleSky(38.4329, elevation=5)   # GBT
At 38.43 deg latitude, the sky fraction accessible is 0.863 at airmass <11.47 (elev >5.00)
  Out[2]: 0.86309000820291226

-- ToddHunter - 2012-10-01
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