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Returns the value (or array) of velocity resolutions (in km/s) for the specified measurement set and spw (or spw list), accounting for online-Hanning smoothing. Note: Hanning is assumed, it is not checked that it was turned on. Please use au.effectiveResolution(kms=True) for ALMA data from Cycle 3 onward. See also effectiveBandwidth.


au.velocityResolution(vis, spw='', hanning=True)
  • vis: measurement set
  • spw: spw ID (integer or string) or list or comma-delimited string
  • hanning: account for the ALMA standard online-Hanning smoothing (factor of 2)


CASA <2>: au.velocityResolution('',0)
  Out[2]: 109.65342282382962

CASA <3>: au.velocityResolution('','0,1')
  Out[3]: array([ 109.65342282,  107.2986607 ])

-- ToddHunter - 2015-06-01
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