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Before I wrote this function, I didn't know about casa's plotuv task, which produces a similar result, and with more selection options!

A simple function to make u vs. v plot with points mirrored about the origin, similar to AIPS. You can restrict it to a single field id (or name), but not yet a single spw. (Note that this functionality is not in casa's plotms--it only plots one point per (u,v,w) (see CAS-2140)--instead you must use plotuv.)


uvplot(msfile, field='', plotrange=[0,0,0,0], figfile=False, markersize=2, density=144, units='m', mirrorPoints=True):   
  • field: restrict the points plotted to this field name or ID (uses ValueMapping, so I should really update this to use msmd)
  • figfile: can be a string or True for automatic name generation
  • density: dpi for the png to be produced
  • units: 'm' or 'km'


-- ToddHunter - 2011-10-17

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