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April 2011
in-house tutorials for ~40 NRAO-CV [east coast]. (1-2 "on demand" training trips?)
When do we deploy compute plan?
August 2011
Phase 2 validation
December 2010
Policy Working Groups: SciOpsPoliciesWGs
Update ES docs; produce OT guides for Primer examples. Prepare for January events. Update SciWeb based on ES capabilities
Developing helpdesk reports; Deploying helpdesk
February 2011
in-house tutorials for ~40 NRAO-CV [east coast]
2nd part of IT3 (technical assesments of proposals submitted in December. My guess is ~4 assessments for each staff, so not a huge workload). Use SV projects to conduct end2end tests.
Develop CASAguides for SV data. Generate web-based training for OT?
Replication tests with SCO archive. Stage SV data for community
January 2011
hands-on demos at AAS; day of tutorials at Victoria workshop [west-coast/NW]
SciOps2f2 meeting (Victoria, after workshop); Taking part in phase1 of IT3: submitting 1-2 proposals with a real technical justification
Develop CASAguides for SV data
Refine helpdesk.
July 2011
in-house phase2 training?
Results to PIs
June 2011
March 2011
tutorials attached to Sante Fe meeting [west coast/SW]. (1-2 "on demand" training trips?)
Issue call for proposal
Helpdesk support
Serve SV data
May 2011
in-house tutorial (but deadline may be as early as May1)? [East coast]. KEEP PERIOD LEADING UP TO PROPOSAL DEADLINE FREE OF EVENTS. Notes: Miller meeting May 18-20; Boston AAS May 22-26
Proposal deadline. Travel to Chile for Technical Assessment (training & doing)
Frantic helpdesk support
October 2011
2nd Call for Proposal? (if ES is 9mo, and CfP is 8mo before next observing season, then this is what schedule predicts)
September 2011
Start of ES Observing. Assist w/QA2.
start of f2f data reduction visits
Master & serve data through NA archive. User access to pipeline (probably in-house only)

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