Month Community Taining Events JAO Support User Support Data Services
December 2010
Policy Working Groups: SciOpsPoliciesWGs
Update ES docs; produce OT guides for Primer examples. Prepare for January events. Update SciWeb based on ES capabilities
Developing helpdesk reports; Deploying helpdesk
January 2011
hands-on demos at AAS; day of tutorials at Victoria workshop [west-coast/NW]
SciOps2f2 meeting (Victoria, after workshop); Taking part in phase1 of IT3: submitting 1-2 proposals with a real technical justification
Develop CASAguides for SV data
Refine helpdesk.
February 2011
in-house tutorials for ~40 NRAO-CV [east coast]
2nd part of IT3 (technical assesments of proposals submitted in December. My guess is ~4 assessments for each staff, so not a huge workload). Use SV projects to conduct end2end tests.
Develop CASAguides for SV data. Generate web-based training for OT?
Replication tests with SCO archive. Stage SV data for community
March 2011
tutorials attached to Sante Fe meeting [west coast/SW]. (1-2 "on demand" training trips?)
Issue call for proposal
Helpdesk support
Serve SV data
April 2011
in-house tutorials for ~40 NRAO-CV [east coast]. (1-2 "on demand" training trips?)
When do we deploy compute plan?
May 2011
in-house tutorial (but deadline may be as early as May1)? [East coast]. KEEP PERIOD LEADING UP TO PROPOSAL DEADLINE FREE OF EVENTS. Notes: Miller meeting May 18-20; Boston AAS May 22-26
Proposal deadline. Travel to Chile for Technical Assessment (training & doing)
Frantic helpdesk support
June 2011
July 2011
in-house phase2 training?
Results to PIs
August 2011
Phase 2 validation
September 2011
Start of ES Observing. Assist w/QA2.
start of f2f data reduction visits
Master & serve data through NA archive. User access to pipeline (probably in-house only)
October 2011
2nd Call for Proposal? (if ES is 9mo, and CfP is 8mo before next observing season, then this is what schedule predicts)

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