Attendees: Scott, Carol, Kartik, Andy, Dongchan, Tony, Adam, Jared, Kimberly, Al, Jim, Mark, David

1. News
  • Cycle0 observing began Friday, Sept 30. On schedule!!
  • Press releases Monday am
    • videos available on Youtube
  • ASAC meeting in CV Weds and Thurs
    • If you'd like to attend the 'open' portions of the ASAC meeting, please let Al know ahead of time

1. Current Focus Items and Action Items

  • Batch 2 CS assignments pending; SBs to be completed Oct 16-29
    • Started on a couple Batch 2
  • Training of contact scientists in SB generation; Oct 10
    • 10-12:00 training for friends
    • Scott will send out emails to Friends today if there were any switches between batches
  • Training of staff in Cycle 0 data processing
  • Data Processing workshop for PIs and others; Dec 1-2
  • Cycle 1 capabilities, requirements on tools, staff training
  • Materials updates for Cycle 1: (Aaron, Mark A, Jim)
  • OPEN Presentations for Dec community workshop & AAS (all)
  • OPEN Provide comments for updates to Primer by October 15, to Gerald (all)
  • OPEN Finalize agenda for December workshop and schedule trainers. DSG/Halstead to plan computing support
  • OPEN Cycle0 feedback form to all registered users (Carol; Sept 30)
  • OPEN Plan for Science Web revisions for Cycle1 (Aaron, Mark A)
  • OPEN (with DSG) Simdata improvements for Cycle1 (Remy, Scott)
  • OPEN Lessons learned memo from the CDEs (Kartik)
  • OPEN Update SimGuides<a rel="nofollow" href="" title="Create this topic">?</a> and CASAGuides (Jared, Andy, Scott)- in progress

2. Task leads reports / new business

  • Site, CSV (Al, staff in Chile)
    • small issues with eaerly observing; data has been produced and is in the archive
    • issue with one of the ES scheduling blocks
    • new antennae from Europe going up today
  • NRC (Gerald)
  • Documentation (Jim)
    • offered to help with Primer
  • Helpdesk (Tony)
    • working to contact PIs
    • Kartik & Scott - interacting with J. Tan. Contacted him through the HD, but Kartik did not get an email response. Tony: just needs to set up an alert for department (or take ownership of ticket).
    • Al put in a HD ticket for his PI, wanted to include co-Is. Tony: co-Is are getting cc's of emails.
    • When PIs have a problem with the process/results, the comment is sent to the PHD.
    • Carol: should not be responded to PI until a policy is in place regarding assessment complaints. Need a standard response that indicates 'thanks for feedback; we'll take this into account for Cycle 1.
  • Visitors (Scott)
  • Postdoc mentoring (Scott)
  • Workshops, Schools, Meetings (Tony, Adam)
    • Working in a conference dinner that Sienny wants - will probably be an add-on (~$75), rather than include in registration fee.
    • Software meeting next week (Oct 12, 13, 14)
  • Tutorials (Kartik, Carol)
    • Kartik: Re - UMD CDE, sent out an email with computing setup. An announcement needs to be sent out to community. Will need to set up registration for Dec 14th workshop
    • Kartik will send info to Mark Adams to go into Oct eNews
    • Jan 13th or 20th as possible dates at Berkeley. (MLK Day of Jan 16)
    • Dec 1st workshop; letter has gone out to PIs. Oct 15 deadline for student support requests.
    • Create an email exploder for all PIs so that a reminder can be sent.
  • Community Outreach and Science Web (Mark, Aaron)
  • DSG liaisons (Adam, Tony)
    • Live demo by Brian Glendenning at Software Development meeting
  • JSG liaison (John)

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