Attendees: Scott, Carol, Andy, Kimberly, Jonathan, Dong-chan, Jared, Jim, Lyndele, Al, Kartik, John H, Tony, Mark A, Heidi (video), Doug (phone).

1. News
  • 17 student observing support proposals received; Jeff Mangum organizing review by NRAO external review committee
  • Single Dish School between Dec 7-9, agenda TBD - still working out details; need ALMA single dish data available.
  • Cycle1 integrated tests Dec 1-8 (unfortunate overlaps with dp workshop and sd school at each end)
  • First cut cycle1 documentation due Dec 16; probably same assignments as last time. Added to baseline: bands 4 & 8 but only on the ACA.
  • NAASC Data Management review scheduled for Nov 16-17; Dana Balser chair - under auspices of OSO (Mark L and David H working on agenda).
  • NRAO science forums page advertised in eNews:

2. Task leads reports / new business
  • Site, CSV (Al, staff in Chile)
    • Status of cycle0 observing - 25 batch1 projects have been started, we are uncertain how many have finished. Next science observing block: next Wednesday-Sat. The schedule is 5 days every two weeks for cycle0 observing
    • 25 antennas at site by end of next week.
    • Cycle1 planning - tiger team, Al, working on configuration choices. We need config simulations
    • ACA achieved phase closure with 3 antennas
    • CSV is working wit v8.1 Need acceptance within ~1 month
  • Data processing at JAO - Crystal and Todd are in Santiago. Expect update on dp status after the SciOps meeting in Tokyo next week
  • HIA (Gerald)
    • No Primer update plan yet - Gerald at P2G bootcamp
    • Gerald discussed with Eelco van Kampen: EU are looking into new science examples for cycle1 for Primer
    • Action: Jim B to contact Eelco
  • Taiwan Liaison (Aaron)
    • Aaron not present. John will talk to Chin-Fe next week at the SciOps meeting regarding the 2012 workshop, which should move to Spring 2013 due to the Santiago first results meeting scheduled for October 2012
  • Documentation (Jim)
    • Expect John to return from Tokyo with a summary of NA's responsibilities for Cycle1, which is expected to be the same as Cycle0 with some additions for the new capabilities
  • Helpdesk (Tony)
    • Lots of internal activity; contacting PIs.
    • Action: Please use "Pending" if still working with PI instead of "On hold"
    • Kayako 4 will be installed NRAO-wide in next couple of months, which will allow the ALMA helpdesk to be integrated. The ARCs have decided they like the one installation plan, hosted by NRAO, and this facilities the one NRAO solution.
  • PI Support & Visitors (Scott, Carol)
    • Status of Batch 2 SBs
      • only 1-3 projects not approved; looks like initial SBs have been generated for many.
      • Action: Scott - send an email to friends to remind them about deadline
    • Proposer feedback on proposal process - EU is updating form and will implement
    • PI feedback on computing resources - Raw data file, Summary of Computing Resource Responses
      • 17 will reduce data at home; 4 at NRAO and 7 at both. 2 at HIA
      • 19 will use a desktop linux box, 14 a Mac desktop and one a Mac laptop. Two have access to a cluster outside of NRAO PIs.
  • Workshops, Schools, Meetings (Tony, Adam)
    • Dec 1-2 data processing workshop
      • Presenters and hands-on session selected
      • Action: slides due ahead for review & dry run; Nov 15
    • Summer school
    • Outflows, Winds and Jets
      • Priority registration opens on the 1st for pre-registrants; open for everyone else on November 15. Max number is 150; 125 best
    • Oct 8-12 ALMA Works - "first results" in Santiago. Lewis and project scientists on SOC
  • Tutorials (Carol)
    • NRAO wide CDEs
      • Maryland Dec 15 (J. Braatz + a postdoc).
      • Berkeley Jan 13 (Tony + Kimberly)
      • Gustaaf Van Moorsel for Socorro; Dave Frayer for GBT
      • Action: Review geographic coverage of CDEs and consider missed areas for small number of Feb Cycle1 CDEs. Also consider asking previous hosts if a one-person one-day brush up event would be desirable. Will need to limit effort expended on this. We will request interest from the community in next month's eNews.
      • Action: Develop a webinar version of tutorials. Also test run remote attendance with questions for Dec 1 & 2 workshop (Carol)
  • Community Outreach and Science Web (Mark, Aaron)
    • Aaron is planning to write a 'policy' document that describes the purpose/process of the website.
    • Science Portal plans for Cycle1?
  • Computing (David)
  • DSG liaisons (Adam, Tony)
  • JSG liaison (John)

3. Current Focus Items and Action Items

  • Batch 2 SB preparation
  • Plans for Single Dish School
  • Cycle 1 capabilities, requirements on tools, documentation, staff training
  • CDEs: planning, staffing and materials
  • 1-2 December Data Processing Workshop: staffing & materials

-- CarolLonsdale - 2011-10-27
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