ATTENDANCE: John H, Aaron, Jim Braatz, Kartik, Hatz, Jared, Kimberly, Scott

1. Task leads reports / new business
  • Site, CSV (Al, staff in Chile)
  • NRC (Gerald) - NRC Staff in Training Meeting
    * Primer plan?
    * Poster status? Anything from Alison?
  • Documentation (Jim - in Socorro?)
    * Sim Guides (Scott?)
    • Jim Braatz - online course doc. Need input and text from group; hope that we will be asking people to provide things that they are expert in. Draft outline is available linked from NAASC Wiki docs.
    • Al took an updated version of an ALMA poster to the conference that they're attending. It id themed on planet but discusses general ALMA capabilities. Add to Need to add to Google Docs site
    • Primer - Gerald sent email to ARC managers asking for suggestions on how to update; does not seem to have received feedback yet. Consensus seems to be to make a primer that is significantly shorter, more knowledgeable about existing docs (Science Portal). Perhaps replace with shorter versions of SV data? Want to make sure that people know the importance of UV spacing.

  • Helpdesk (Tony - in Illinois)
    • Jonathan has also been very helpful with CASA Guides.
    • Andy and Jared working on updating SimGuides - do not need to retain backwards compatible versions.
    • ACTION: send an email requesting review of SimGuides

  • Visitors (Scott)
    * Visitor program status
    • Visitor Program - plan has been approved. Instead of a NAASC version being a separate version of Visitor Program; funds will go to a general NRAO pool. Propose an application deadline - 1-2 visitors each year (6 months support each).

  • Workshops, Schools, Meetings (Tony, Adam)
    • Synthesis imaging school planning started
      Planning for Synthesis Imaging School - Mar 29-May 29 through June ? Suggest a lecturer - by next week. Perhaps Jim's material could be plundered for general radio astronomy
  • Date/status of single dish school (Aaron)
Single Dish school - Aaron. December 6-9? Masao would like to send software scientist and engineer; will check into possibility of Dec 6-9. Waiting to hear. ACTION: need date ASAP.

  • Tutorials (Kartik, Carol)
    * Finalized dates? Staffing?
  • Community Outreach and Science Web (Mark, Aaron)
  • Computing (David)
  • DSG liaisons (Adam, Tony)
    • for user generated material - page on CASA Guide site - things can be posted on Forum.
    • A shared code archive would be useful.
    • Data Management Review - November 16 & 17
    • Todd's Major Additions to analysisUtils
  • JSG liaison (John)
    • Losing link between high-site and SCL for several hours
    • next session of PI driven science will take place 10 days from the end of this 2nd session

2. Current Focus Items and Action Items
  • Issues with contacting PIs or SB preparation?
    • Kartik does not have SBs from JAO
    • Need a slide or two about process for contacting PIs. (Scott)
  • Date/Sttus of Single Dish School?
  • Cycle 1 capabilities, requirements on tools, staff training
  • CDEs update
    * dates? staffing? material generation?
  • 1-2 December Data Processing Workshop
    * talks staffed, need to work out plan to generate hands on material.
    * plan from Kartik & Adam attached
    • should keep a waitlist in case that PIs drop out.
    • Adam: speakers -

ITEM: Regarding ETK - normalize activities over a 40 hour workweek.

-- AdamLeroy - 2011-10-16

-- LyndeleVonSchill - 2011-10-20
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