Attendance: Carol, Lyndele, Kartik, Tony, Heidi, Andy, Mark A, Mark L, John, Mark Rawlings (visiting from JAO), David, Kelly, Jim, Dong-Chan. Canada has a holiday.

1. News
  • Cycle0 feedback form will be a helpdesk form, designed by EU. We require an email list of all NA Science Portal registrants so we can invite them to fill out the questionnaire: action item to Kelly
  • NAASC Org Meeting tomorrow (Tuesday, Oct 11)
  • John noted that a demo of the ALMA Science Archive, ASA, was given to the ASAC last week, and they were very impressed with the progress.

2. Current Focus Items and Action Items
  • Provide comments for updates to Primer by October 15, to Gerald (all)
    • Jim B has sent a couple of quick things to Gerald
  • Jim B will work with Gerald to:
    • Propose a rethink of purpose of the Primer, which originally had a broad scope because the Science Portal and associated documentation, including the Technical Handbook, did not exist. Now that there is extensive documentation the purpose of the Primer could evolve to be a simpler document, intermediate between Mark A's two-page brochure and the full-up SP documents.
  • Tony will draft a knowledgebase article to address questions from PIs on the status of their observations. For the present the project is not releasing information on observing progress widely, and is not using the Project Tracker.
  • Software meeting is THIS week (Oct 12, 13, 14)
  • Batch 2 Contact Scientist assignments made; SBs to be completed Oct 16-29
    • Kartik will followup with those who were not able to make today's training session (Remy and Steve)

3. Task leads reports / new business
  • Site, CSV
    • Kartik reported that CSV is now using 8.1. There has been successful closure phase using 3 7m antennas.
  • NRC on holiday today
  • Documentation (Jim)
    • Brenda and Jim will update the poster with a focus on next week's meeting. Further generalized updates TBD
    • Posters have been developed based on SV datasets by Alison for the ASAC mtg. Post-meeting John H obtained permission to use material from these as appropriate, with proper accreditation and care with data description. USG should review what use we may want to make of these for future posters - perhaps an "ALMA works" kind of poster - and presentations.
  • Helpdesk (Tony)
    • Some tickets requesting clarification about technical assessments are in process
  • Visitors - no report; Scott on travel. Data processing visitor program not in action yet.
    • The longterm visitor plan drafted by Aaron and Scott has been reviewed by NAASC management and is ready for implementing.
  • Workshops, Schools, Meetings (Tony, Adam)
    • Will do a 'Taste of Charlottesville' instead of a single large conference dinner. Offer a number of different restaurant possibilities on the Downtown Mall.
    • Registration will open November 1. There are 40 pre-registrants already
  • Tutorials (Kartik, Carol)
    • Dec 1,2 workshop: Agenda and trainer plan needs an OK from Management Team
      • 14 registered. We will remind PIs to register soon and then advertise it on science web for others. There will not be a registration deadline as we can leave it open until filled. The room / terminal limit is 32
    • The two CDEs need confirmed date/venue by the hosts (Peter Teuben for Maryland; Geoff Bower for Berkeley). Small ALMA and EVLA data sets need to be selected that are manageable for laptops; possibly casaguides need to be made.
  • Community Outreach and Science Web (Mark, Aaron)
    • Space for NRAO has been reserved for the Beijing IAU and for the supercomputing meeting in Seattle Nov 13-17.
    • Kartik will talk about ALMA at the AAAS meeting in Feb.
    • Mark is working on the annual report to NSF
  • Computing (David)
    • 16 nodes are under installed bringing the total to 24 by the end of the month. The sign up method will need to be altered so people are not signing up for specific systems
    • A demo of protoype workshop systems for the Dec 1,2 data processing workshop was reviewed in the auditorium. Seems to be an excellent solution; thanks to Josh Malone
  • DSG liaisons (Adam, Tony)
  • JSG liaison (John)
    • Staff are going to Chile to assist with Cycle0 data processing; Ed is there now and Crystal & Todd leave shortly.
    • There's a possibility that some data reduction can be done at NAASC in the Feb shutdown
    • The imaging team is investigating 32 antenna configs for Cycle1
-- CarolLonsdale - 2011-10-10
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