Minutes, USG Meeting, August 29, 2011

present: Heidi, Gerald, Kartik, Harvey, John, Carol, Al, Kimberly, Dongchan, Mark Adams, David H., Jared, Jim, Lyndele, Scott

USG Meeting 29 Aug - 2pm ER 230 Telecons are at 2PM EDT on Mondays in CV 230 IP: Telephone hub: 434 972 7268 1. Current Focus Items and Action Items

  • "Friend" assignments when proposal review results are announced: first week of September (Scott, management team)
  • Training for visitor support:
    • SBs: Sept 12 (for the first projects to be scheduled) (leads: Kartik & Harvey; all participate, especially assigned friends)
    • Data Processing: Sept 8,9 (lead: Crystal; all participate)
    • Cycle0 feedback and lessons learned (Tony, John)
    • ANASAC meeting, Sept 28, 29 [ASAC meeting is in CV, Oct 5,6] (Al, Carol)
  • Material updates for Cycle 1? Science Web? Booth? Pamphlets? Mousepads? Primer? Other? (Aaron, Adam)

Harvey & Kartik: Difficult process; could probably have much more training. Will be very difficult to impart this to the NAASC & get people up to speed. Kartik and Harvey (also Stuartt and Alison will be helping out) will be the the ones to set up the scheduling blocks for first projects.

First scheduling phase by September 25th (~12).

As soon as PIs are notified, we need to be prepared to assign Friends. Be ready.

John: 630 Technical Assessments; PDF of TAs is available. When USG sends solicits feedback, add: "Contact Helpdesk if you want to see TAs." Would need to flag reports that may have language that we don't want to share. IF people ask to see TA, we could take a look at the TA before sending it to PI.

  • Mostly done with homework in prep for workshop
  • Canadians will be videoing in
* NEW OPEN Cycle0 feedback form to all registered users (Carol) * NEW OPEN Develop feedback form for short term visitors (Scott) * NEW OPEN Strawplan for Science Web revisions for Cycle1 (Aaron, Mark A) * NEW OPEN Plan expenditure of ME&S budget; how much available for March workshop? (Carol, John, Tony) * OPEN (with DSG) Simdata improvements for Cycle1 (Remy, Scott) * OPEN Lessons learned memo from the CDEs (Kartik) * OPEN Develop a single, master ppt presentation template for CDE tutorials (Lyndele w/ Mark Adams) * OPEN Long term visitor program plan (Scott and Aaron) - in progress * OPEN Update SimGuides and CASAGuides (Jared, Andy, Scott)- in progress * OPEN Special & Splinter Session at AAS, Austin (Adam)

2. Task leads reports / new business * NRC (Gerald)
    • still working on scripts; should be sending in soon.
    • open for suggestions on changes to Primer - and what is available for Phase I
    • need to be ready for AAS
    • JH comment re Cycle1 planning: JAO will not decide on stretch capabilities till Feb 1. Which bands (4 & 8 are possibilities) will be available. Single dish and polarization?
  • Documentation (Jim)
    • Jonathan starts this week - Room 310.
    • Working on CASA guides; Remy has made some changes to the interface; Jared and Andy will get them into CASAGuides. Scott will work with Remy with interface (documentation). Remy is hoping to have mods for new release of SimData to make it simpler. Python (not C++ coding; so not a big learning curve)

  • Helpdesk (Tony)
    • Gerald has been on triage; nothing to report

  • Visitors (Scott)
    • Aaron will review document that can be given to Management Team
    • Still working on F2F plans

  • Postdoc mentoring (Scott)
    • Adam and Scott have day and time for interferometry and python training (room 230) for Post-docs. Week after Sept 14 through Fall term. Advertise in Weekly NRAO news.

  • Workshops / Meeting Attendance (Tony, Adam)

  • Tutorials (Kartik, Carol)
    • Berkely - Jan 14
    • Dec 14 at Maryland
    • Waiting for comments on GB agenda
    • Greenbank CDE Oct 20 (Adam, John (possibly)) CANCELLED
    • East and west coast NRAO-wide CDEs (with Dave Frayer (GBT), Gustaaf Van Moorsel (ASC)) - Tentative dates: UM Dec 14 / UCB: day after AAS
    • Two day data processing workshop for successful ALMA teams (but open to all) Dec 6,7 (Kartik, Carol)
    • AAS splinter (Adam, Carol)
    • Single Dish School, early November (Aaron)
    • Community Outreach and Science Web (Mark, Aaron)

  • DSG liaisons (Adam, Tony)

  • IT (David Halstead)
    • Five new big machines ready - machines are available for every gridpoint on the benchmark document
    • Jared and Adam working on benchmarks - what can be done on desktop
    • Jeff Kern gave a talk on data issue - recommended logging into another machine to do high-end CASA machines. Should use a cluster.
    • increasing cluster nodes to 24
    • Bulletin board September 1st - User Self Forum (CASA), but advertised later.

3. Top Priority Pending Action Items

  • All to add expertise to helpdesk table.
  • All working through CASA Guides in preparation for training meeting.

-- CarolLonsdale - 2011-08-29

-- LyndeleVonSchill - 2011-08-29
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