• CV tutorial tomorrow
    • Approx 17 registrants

2. NRC

3. Group Reports

  • Tutorials (Kartik)
    • users should submit notice of intents - by 29th of April
    • lessons learned
      • JH - too many ppt templates caused a lot of extra effort. Need a single template for NAASC tutorials. Lyndele to consult Mark A
      • request for recommendations for typical and rms pwv to use - Scott to propose best way to handle this
      • quote central observing frequencies for each band. Crystal has determined them - need to go into tech handbook; KB article
      • there are issues with science talks being given by locals and missing the mark. Not a lot we can do except provide guidelines and amterial to them
      • similar issue with talks on basic mm techniques by locals. Here we can impoirve things somewhat by providing the correct material
    • overall, comments were very positive
    • Toronto - there were lots of non-mm people. There were requests for treatments of basic astrophysics. We cannot advise people on anything that approaches how to do their science and in particular cannot have helpdesk articles answering such questions. Best solution: (a) write chapters for the on-line mm course; (b) recommend people find an expert to collaborate with
    • Question from Adam: how do we manage issues like "Simdata breaks"? Submit a helpdesk ticket & triage person assigns it to cognizant scientist, who takes approproate action by contacting lead for the tool/ submitting jira ticket, etc.

  • Helpdesk (Tony/Gerald)
    • Adam triage this week; Scott next week
    • need to sort out tracking issues with Tony: the recent questions about ephemeris objects were handled chaotically
    • error in KB article; triage to fix
    • Helpdesk Expertise Table

  • Science Web, News and EPO (Aaron/Mark)
    • Aaron and Dongchan have been reviewing the transition of the website to Plone. Could still use help taking a look at the website to spot any problems.
    • Planned submission to May eNewsletter: NAASCEnewsPlanningMay2011
    • Reminder email re letters of intent; text recieved from Baltazar and emailed out by Comm.

  • Documentation (Jim)
    • expecting draft handbook from DSO (arrived today); comments by Friday. Will be coordinated through JH. 2nd draft expected May 5 with release May 13, along with updated Science Portal
    • everyone to consider updates/revisions required for science portal. Coordinate through Jim.

  • NAASC Presence at Science Meetings (Adam)
    • Carol attending Corsica meeting next week to give invited ALMA review. Will take an updated poster; being worked on by Adam.

  • Visitor Program (Scott)

4. AOB

-- LyndeleVonSchill - 2011-04-25
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