USG Meeting, March 15 2012

2PM CV 230


Telephone hub: 434 972 7268

Current USG Focus Items

  • Updating Batch3, then 1-4 for R8.1 (Scott)
  • Cycle 1 documents (Carol)
  • Simulations and science examples (Remy, Gerald) RandomSimC1Things
  • CDE planning (Carol)
  • mm course and related effort on instructional materials (Jim)
  • use cases for analysis tools (Adam)

Future Meetings

  • March 22:
    • Review of CfP materials: science examples; Proposer's Guide; Technical Handbook


  • Attendance: Lonsdale, Wootten, Keohane, Schnee, Indebetouw, Scott, Remijan, Kimball, Evans, Kim, Leroy, Halstead, Mangum, Braatz, Medlin, Schieven, Hibbard, von Schill, Chan
  • Regrets:

News and overview


  • ALMA Cycle 1. Please be available to contribute to these efforts:
    • March 16 (Fri): drafty drafts of Cycle 1 Proposers Guide/Capabilities technical HB & Primer available for review by all JAO/ARCs
      • ACTION ITEM: must identify key missing elements that users must know to write proposals
    • March 30 (Fri): ACTION ITEM: comments on drafty drafts due
    • April 09 (Mon): good versions of PG/capabilities, TechHB, Primer available for broad review
    • April 09-13 (Mon-Fri): OT integrated test 6 - will involve all ARC staff
    • April 23 (Mon): ACTION ITEM: comments on good versions of PG/Cap, TechHB, Primer due
    • May 09 (Wed): Penultimate version of PG/Cap, TechHB, Primer ready for review ACTION ITEM: immediate review for mistakes
    • May 14: PG needs deployed in SP. Only minor changes allowed after that
    • May 31 (Thur): CfP issued (docs deployed)
    • May 31 - July 12: Staff Helpdesk

  • Cycle 0 SB generation schedule
    • Feb10-Mar2: SB revisions to Batch3 projects
    • March 7: Start of Science Observing in the Extended array configuration
    • Mar 5-30: SB revisions to unfinished Batch1,2,4 projects
    • April 2-20: Generation of "Batch5" projects (more on Batch 5 later)

Coordination with other groups and activities

  • Project news (Al)
  • JSG
  • DSG
  • TT

USG task reports & new business

  • HIA (Gerald)
    • Action Item from Feb 9: Primer examples. Gerald, Rachel, Al, Adam, Jim. Drafts due March 16.
    • Has two examples so far, nothing yet from East Asia. Rachel and Adam have provided examples. Al & Jim have examples to contribute, and will send today. Gerald said not to worry about format.
    • See minutes Feb 9 for details of science examples
  • Taiwan and EA Liaison (Aaron)
    • Meeting in April 2013, Hawaii, under discussion - "From Dust to Rocks to Planets" 1st-2nd week of April. Concern with topic overlap with Victoria June meeting. LOC telecon on Monday; Tony is NA co-chair of LOC.
  • Documentation (Jim, Jonathan)
  • Science Web (Aaron)
    • weekly web documentation framework meeting - discussed new websites under development. Working on making OSO pages searchable in plone. Enables easy printing of pages as PDFs.
  • Helpdesk (Tony)
    • P2G group - will not assign this group tickets unless it relates to P2G.
    • If you cannot respond to a ticket within two days, let triage know so that they can reassign it.
  • PI Support & Visitors (Scott)
    • Batch 1-3 are done from contact scientist POV. The only delays concern cone searches.
    • Batch 4 - filler projects for compact; not needed soon
    • Batch 5 due late May
    • Andreas is generating an executive-neutral number of filler projects, for Band 3 and 6 only.
    • Two long-term visitors approved for next year: Paul Martini (Ohio State) and Leslie Looney (U of Illinois). HR is writing letters to them with offer.
  • Development of outreach materials (Carol)
  • Workshops, Schools, Meetings (Tony, Adam)
  • Tutorials (Carol)

Main items

  • Strawplan for simulations: Remy
    • ACTION ITEM from March 8: Remy will draw up a strawplan for review at next weeks meeting. Input from JH needed on C1 capabilities and rules, and OT decision tree.
      • Remy posted decision tree from the OT.
      • Working Group established to take this project forward: Remy, Jeff, Adam; others welcome. Will include the international sim group, led by Eelco.
        • The WG will form final sim plan by April 23, in line with the comments due on the call materials (see C1 schedule above). Sims need to be complete on the same schedule as the penultimate version of the call docs, ie. May 9.
  • Plan for mm course and associated materials: Jim, Jeff, Jonathon
    • "Science at submm overview"
      • from NAASC web page, an overview of submm, with links to more specific science articles - 11 articles; 10 authors). List is on Documentation of wiki page.
      • about 2-page discussions of topic
      • timeline: present drafts in about three weeks
      • topic on proto-planetary discs - Stuartt would be best person, but cannot do it before 6 weeks. Does anyone else want to do this? If so, let Jim know. Aaron: suggested Sean Andrews, Al: John Tobin, Carol - perhaps waiting 6 weeks is reasonable. All other authors are NAASC, except Brian Mason (Universe & cosmology).
      • email will be sent to writers sometime this week.
    • "MM Online Course"
      • evolving concept, taking shape
      • Learning Center: web page that would parallel "essential radio astronomy course", then add a number of more focused science modules (chapters) focused on topics of interest to mm and sub-mm astronomy. Have begun to identify chapter topics. Essentially taking Remy's and Jeff's courses and separating them into modules.
        • not specific to NAASC, more NRAO-wide interest. Will include a link from main NRAO site.
      • timescale: larger than originally intended, so may take a little longer than 2 months. Intended to be a living document, so something up within a couple of months, with more material added as developed.


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