USG Meeting, March 1 2012

2PM EDT Auditorium extension 6518

This hub also has a phone line associated with it: 434-817-6279

Current USG Focus Items

  • Updating Batch3, then 1-4 for R8.1
  • Cycle 1 documents
  • Simulations and science examples

Future Meetings

  • March 8:
    • New simulations: review ideas, plan specifics, assign effort


  • Attendance: Tony, Al, Remy, Jim, Adam, Mark A., Jonathon, Scott, Kim, Mark L., Aaron, Dong-Chan, Gerald, Heidi, James

  • Regrets: John

News and overview

  • SB generation schedule
    • Feb10-Mar2: SB revisions to Batch3 projects
    • March 7: Start of Science Observing in the Extended array configuration
    • Mar 5-30: SB revisions to unfinished Batch1,2,4 projects
    • April 2-20: Generation of "Batch5" projects (more on Batch 5 later)

Coordination with other groups and activities

  • Project (Al)
    • Status of return from shutdown
      • 7 powered and cooled antennas at AOS: DV05, DV06, DV07, DV13, DV14, DV16, DA44
      • 6 antennas usable: DV05, DV13, DV14, DV16
      • OSF pads full, several antennas ready for transport when possible.
    • Expect next ES run, scheduled for 7 Mar, to be cancelled. Next ES will be two weeks afterward as scheduled.
  • JSG (John)
  • DSG (Mark L)
    • discussing content and packaging of data shipments.
    • fast data link Chile should be available today; 100 Mb/sec
  • Tiger Team (Al, Adam)
    • 12m + ACA combination likely to have only one 12m configuration; possible PI won't understand fully they may get a gap at intermediate scales.
      • USG needs to communicate this to PIs
      • Wilner's example of spatial filtering: wilner_filtering.pptx: wilner_filtering.pptx
      • we need a resource for people to check whether they have an issue with their planned observations
      • question on how the OT handles sensitivity in overlaps; answer is it does it correctly but we need to make sure people understand this correctly

USG task reports & new business

  • HIA (Gerald)
    • Action Item from Feb 9: Primer examples. Gerald, Rachel, Al, Adam. Drafts due March 16.
    • See minutes Feb 9 for details of science examples
  • Taiwan and EA Liaison (Aaron)
    • Expect to reach some conclusions next week when Chin-Fei visits on Postdoc and pre-doc plan; visitor program; next joint NAASC meeting. The disks topic will be in conflict with Victoria meeting in June 2013 and Protostars and Planets a few months later
  • Documentation (Jim, Jonathan)
  • Science Web (Aaron)
    • See main topic
  • Helpdesk (Tony)
  • PI Support & Visitors (Scott)
  • Development of outreach materials (Carol)
  • Workshops, Schools, Meetings (Tony, Adam)
    • Action Item from Feb 2: David will Webex review pricing structures for our needs
  • Tutorials (Carol)

Main items

  • Science analysis tools - Adam
    • Adam would like to begin planning for advanced analysis tools and requested volunteers to come up with use cases to synthesize needs for C0-FS data. Timescale about 1-2 months.
      • Volunteers: Mark L., Remy, Scott, Rachel
  • New Science Web preview - Aaron
    • Aaron and Mark previewed the new website for us. Still not decided how the Portal will be linked.

-- CarolLonsdale - 2012-02-29

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