USG Meeting June 14, 2012

CV-230192.33.117.16 434 972 7268

To start meeting: CV - dial 972-7268 on phone at center of table. [to stop phone from ringing, go to the telephone on the side table near the door, and dial 9-972-7268, then place handset next to phone (remember to hang it up when the meeting is over)].Turn on both video monitors (buttons on lower left of each screen). If the USG meeting must be temporarily relocated, see bottom of page for alternate IP/phone coordinates.

Current USG Focus Item

CDE/AAS/Webinar planning (Carol, Adam) Synthesis Imaging School (Adam) mm course and related effort on instructional materials (Jim) Use cases for analysis tools (Adam)

Future Meetings

June 14 2012


  • Attendance:

News and overview


Coordination with other groups and activities

  • Project news (Al)
  • JSG
  • DSG
  • Tiger Team

USG task reports & new business

  • HIA (Gerald)
  • Taiwan and EA Liaison (Aaron)
  • Science Web (Aaron)
  • Documentation (Jim)
  • Helpdesk (Tony)
  • PI Support & Visitors (Scott)
  • Tutorials & development of outreach materials (Carol, Adam)
  • Workshops, Schools, Meetings (Tony, Adam)
    • Aug - SciOps? F2F
    • Sept:High Z workshop - vanden Bout Fest
    • Oct - Spectroscopy meeting in Atlanta
    • Dec - ALMA Meeting in Chile - Early Science with ALMA
    • summer school in progress
    • AAS week after next; Kartik, Remy, Kim attending. Tutorials at booth.
    • Mark A will send our call announcement for inclusion in the next AAS enews

Main items


CV-Auditorium 434-817-6279
CV-209 (video) 434-296.7082 (audio only)
CV-245 (video) 434-817-6285
CV-331 (video) 434-293-7109
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-- LyndeleVonSchill - 2012-06-13
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