USG Meeting July 19, 2012

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To start meeting: CV - dial 972-7268 on phone at center of table. [to stop phone from ringing, go to the telephone on the side table near the door, and dial 9-972-7268, then place handset next to phone (remember to hang it up when the meeting is over)].Turn on both video monitors (buttons on lower left of each screen). If the USG meeting must be temporarily relocated, see bottom of page for alternate IP/phone coordinates.

Current USG Focus Item

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July 26 , 2012


  • Attendance: Carol, Tony, Scott, Gerald, Brenda, Doug, John, Kim, Adam, Aaron, DongChan

Main items

  • Polling our colleagues about the proposal experience. Staff members will informally ask their colleagues their expereince with the C1 proposal process. Carol will forward the Caltech survey done by John Carpeter for some guidance. Getting these comments now will help us design an optimum survey for the community.
  • The community survey will occur in August; draft needed for Aug 7-9 SciOps face-to-face meeting. SciOpsIPT decided that one survey should be done, sooner rather than later. We therefore need a draft pulled together for their face-to-face meeting in CV Aug 7-9. Carol will coordinate with Maria in EU; EU led the survey construction and operation last year. A draft will circulate for comment before the SciOps meeting.
  • We discussed some general issues with respect to preparing for C2. There was frustration with the limited targeting allowdd in C1, particularly the 15 sources within 15 deg, and the limited spectral setups for sources with different redshifts. Some initial recommendations:
    • SciOps IPT could make early recommendations, from their August f2f, on the most desirable expansions to science capabilities in C2. This would be based on the users science needs and wishes, to be taken into consideration when the JAO decides on the practical capabilities. Computing needs as much lead time as possible to ensure that the OT can support the requirements so it is very helpful if SciOps can be very clear with their recommendations early in the process.
    • The early implementation of the C1 user survey will also help accelerate the timescale for SciOps to make these recomendations.
    • We could generate tips and tricks to help users figure out how to optimize their science in the face of OT limitations.
    • We could generate more OT templates that could help users get the optimum setups. This activity could start early and help drive the Primer examples.
  • ACTION ITEM: All. Carol has set up a wiki page for staff to summarize their comments on the C1 process and recommendations for C2: Cycle1Comments. Please write up your comments and recommendations there. This can include the routines some people came up with to optimize their observing setups.
  • Tony asked for feedback relevant to Splat, such as setups required for particular lines. Please write these in the wiki page as well as copy to Tony.
  • We had some general discusion on priorities and schedules for the next several months:
    • NAASC management is working with Tony Beasley to optimize NAASC priorities and develop a resource-loaded schedule that will help staff understand their schedules better for the next 6 months to year.
    • Data reduction will need to become a formal task for several months, until the pipeline is in full working business. It is NAASC's highest priority for now and most staff members will need to participate.
    • When the C1 results are out we will have Contact Scientist duties as our top priority, plus SB generation for the first month of C1 operations, January, before the February break.
    • Other priorities will be a data reduction workshop and Cycle2 planning. We will decide the timescale and format for the data reduction workshop after getting recommendations from the ANASAC at the Sept 20,21 face-to-face meeting. February is a likely possibility to avoid the startup pressure of C1 observations.

USG task reports & new business


  • John reported from the ANASAC telecon that Alyssa Goodman's Development Study team has been asked by STScI to work with their team focusing on 3D analysis.
  • Adam and Mark have been invited to join the Goodman et al. effort. Adam will accept and will attend their meeting in Cambridge

Current USG Topics and Tasks

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