USG Meeting July 05, 2012

CV-230192.33.117.16 434 972 7268

To start meeting: CV - dial 972-7268 on phone at center of table. [to stop phone from ringing, go to the telephone on the side table near the door, and dial 9-972-7268, then place handset next to phone (remember to hang it up when the meeting is over)].Turn on both video monitors (buttons on lower left of each screen). If the USG meeting must be temporarily relocated, see bottom of page for alternate IP/phone coordinates.

Current USG Focus Item

Future Meetings

July 12, 2012


  • Attendance: Scott Schnee, Adam Leroy, Jim Braatz, Kim Scott, Amy Kimball, Mark Lacy, Doug Johnstone, James Di Francesco, Gerald Schieven, Tony Remijan, David Halstead

Followup from last week

  • Tony - results of Helpdesk emergency test
    • Test rescheduled for Monday July 9
  • Gerald - Any luck with Phase II generation problems recorded last week?
    • Work-around found and JIRA ticket filed
  • Mark/David - It is ok to remove Cycle 0 data from your lustre space after data delivery to PI
    • Save a copy of the script elsewhere
  • All - Give some thought to medium/long-term priorities of USG to help Carol with our task list

Main items

  • PI satisfaction survey
    • USG consensus is to send out proposal-related survey as close to deadline as possible
    • If information is needed about the TAC process or Phase II, this should be a separate survey at a later date
    • Not much concern was expressed about possibility of over-spamming PIs
  • What to do about OT bug
    • Time can be incorrectly estimated in case of velocity width specified for sensitivity for high-z source
    • Knowledgebase article already posted
    • Could post news article or send out email to NA users
    • Doug says we should coordinate this with other ARCs, since this affects all regions equally
    • We recommend a project-wide email and science portal announcement
      • If no response from Lars by Monday, then do this independently for NA
      • Mark Lacy will send email to Lars to get this moving forward quickly
      • If OT is not ready by Monday, just tell people to use frequency width

USG task reports & new business


  • Near term (until deadline)
    • Prioritize medium/long term items
    • Helpdesk staffing
    • Data reduction
  • Medium term (next few months)
  • Long term (Cycle 1 and beyond)


CV-Auditorium 434-817-6279
CV-209 (video) 434-296.7082 (audio only)
CV-245 (video) 434-817-6285
CV-331 (video) 434-293-7109
-- LyndeleVonSchill - 2012-06-27
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