USG Meeting, Jan 19, 2012 Agenda

Jim Braatz (acting USG lead) sitting in for Carol, who is on travel
CV-230, AOC-223
Dial-in: 434-972-7268

Attending: Jim, Kim, Dongchan, David, Nuria, Lyndele, Heidi (SOC), Tony (in GB), Gerald, Adam, Al, Jonathan, John

1. News and overview
  • ALMA Board meeting; Cycle 1 schedule
    • John: JAO has decided to recommend 5 month extension to Cycle 0. ASAC chair presenting this recommendation to the ALMA Board today.
    • Will give almost all PIs some data.
    • Timeline proposed is an April CfP with a late May deadline - but observing would not start until Jan 2013.
    • Timeline should be announced to broader community by end of January
  • Batch Four: Gerald and John prepared four; Gerald's are in the queue, John was assigned one from Australia - cannot connect to calibrator databases.
    • Nuria will sent alternate database to John.
  • Band 3, 6 only (not band 7); compact or extended
  • By Friday, a wiki will be updated to let the contact scientists know that data is ready to be transferred (?) Add a note to P2G ticket, that the data will be prepared for transfer. The contact scientist will be notified so that they have a week (or two) to prepare before the PIs are notified. Do not tell this to the PI.

2. Coordination with other groups and activities
  • Site, CSV, SCO
  • DSG & computing
  • JSG
  • Tiger Team
  • Software

3. Main items
  • AAS recap (Adam)
    • 80 people Special Session
    • Alison, Al, Nancy Shirley, Meredith (great talk)
    • Should send presenters a note of thanks (Adam)
    • Dongchan will help get presentations on web
    • Splinter sessions - not as well attended (late in the week, people were relatively fatigued).
    • How many of these turn into proposal?
    • Suggestion - do a 'superbooth' - 5-10 laptops to do consultations
  • Berkeley CDE recap (Kim)
    • CDE in Berkeley went well. Brief overview of OT & led by Emanuel who went through hands-on CASA sessions.
    • Available on EVLA??
    • 5 feedback forms - handson were most useful; overview least useful (already knew material and facilitites), spend more time on hands-on. Do a yearly CDE ~month before deadlines? Or December or April?
    • Adam: If we're not doing the'octopus' model, then we need to really think about how we get the most bang for the buck. Paired with conference, or symposium. Tony: OSO will take this on.
    • Adam: Could one person do this? Tony: 2-person for hand-on. Utilize experienced PIs for training. Talks should be condensed
  • Primer science cases (Gerald)
    • One new science case (EA) to include zero spacing
    • Current Cycle 0 science examples, substitute SV data (sent a list to Jim) - GRB afterglow datum, ngc 3256 (there is an approved Cycle 0 on this galaxy).
    • Will need help for those projects that are being rewritten. Can forward list to USG group (Jim will look it over and decide what to do next).
    • Taking out description of SBs & capabilities tables (consult "appendix...")

4. USG task reports & new business
  • HIA (Gerald)
  • Taiwan and EA Liaison (Aaron)
  • Documentation (Jim, Jonathan)
  • Helpdesk (Tony)
  • PI Support & Visitors (Scott)
  • Development of outreach materials (Carol)
  • Workshops, Schools, Meetings (Tony, Adam)
  • Tutorials (Carol)

5. AOB
  • All papers should put the NSF aknowledgement (last sentence of SV page)
  • Acknowledge NRAO and ALMA as policy dictates

Current USG Focus Items
  • Batch 3 and batch 5 SBs
  • Cycle 1 documents
  • Simulations and science examples

-- LyndeleVonSchill - 2012-01-19
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