USG Meeting, February 9 2012

2PM EDT CV 230


Telephone hub: 434 972 7268

Current USG Focus Items

  • Updating Batch3, then 1-4 for R8.1
  • Cycle 1 documents
  • Simulations and science examples


  • Attendence: Carol, Jonathan, Kim, Tony, Dongchan, Al, Rachel, Adam, Lyndele, Heidi, David H., Aaron, Gerald
  • Regrets: Kartik

News and overview

  • SB generation can resume shortly using R8.1. Timeline:
    • Feb10-Mar2: SB revisions to Batch3 projects
    • March 7: Start of Science Observing in the Extended array configuration
    • Mar 5-30: SB revisions to unfinished Batch1,2,4 projects
    • April 2-20: Generation of "Batch5" projects (more on Batch 5 later)

Coordination with other groups and activities

  • Project (Al)
  • JSG (John)
  • DSG (Tony, Adam)
    • Software is about to change
  • Tiger Team (Al, Adam)

USG task reports & new business

  • HIA (Gerald)
    • Continuing to work on Primer; preparing for Canadian sub-mm meeting next week. Working on SBs.
    • Brenda had her baby (daughter) last week, on maternity leave.
  • Taiwan and EA Liaison (Aaron)
    • Chin Fei (sp?) will come for March meeting; plan to discuss by phone before meeting, so that by March plans will e solidified. Perhaps meet with John and Al.
  • Documentation (Jim, Jonathan)
    • Progress on mm course; will discuss next week
  • Science Web (Aaron)
    • Meeting tomorrow (Friday, Feb 10) to go over new Web design plans. Aaron has a proposed model. Will let Carol know after the meeting when it might be possible to share with USG.
    • Content review?
  • Helpdesk (Tony)
    • Auto-replies to alert user that there will be a delay (not 2-business-day response). TONY: Add specifics to these Minutes
  • PI Support & Visitors (Scott)
    • Beginning Fed 10th, Contact Scientists will begin contacting PIs
  • Development of outreach materials (Carol)
  • Workshops, Schools, Meetings (Tony, Adam)
    • Be sure to let
    • Action Item from last week: David will Webex review pricing structures for our needs
  • Tutorials (Carol)

Main items

  • Science examples: decide what Cycle1 capabilities to illustrate, and writing assignments
    • Cycle0 examples were:
      • submm galaxies: B7 continuum and B3 CO search
      • mapping lensed high z galaxy: B7 line and B9 continuum
      • molecular absorption line at z=0.9: B3 HCN, HNC, HCO+, HOC+, CS, HC_3N
      • GRB afterglow: B3,6,7 continuum monitoring. SV data is only a single datum.
      • imaging CO in nearby starburst: NGC 3256 B6. Can now use SV data
      • chemistry in massive core: B6, 9
      • continuum survey of protostellar disks: B3,6,7,9. Can substitute TW Hya
        • Gerald - not given any thought.
        • Assign to Scott? Adam recommends borrowing heavily from Meredith's talk
      • continuum & CO J=3-2 from Pluto-Charon: B7 line and continuum, B9 continuum

      • Al - can provide Band 6, possibly Band 7 to Gerald

    • Other:
      • Antennae: Adam
      • M100
      • SgrA*
  • Upcoming in next two weeks:
    • February 15: Specific plans for mm course material (Jim, Jonathan, Adam)
    • February Preview
    • New simulations review
    • Preview webpages


CarolLonsdale - 2012-02-08

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