USG Meeting, February 16 2012

2PM EDT CV 230


Telephone hub: 434 972 7268

Current USG Focus Items

  • Updating Batch3, then 1-4 for R8.1
  • Cycle 1 documents
  • Simulations and science examples

Future Meetings

  • February 26:
    • New simulations: review ideas, plan specifics, assign effort
    • Preview of new Sci Web site


  • Attendance: Aaron, Jim, Adam, Kelly, Al, Remy, Dong-Chan, Amy, Scott, Mark L, Gerald, Heidi, Jonathon
  • regretsL Tony, Rachel, James, Doug

News and overview

  • SB generation
    • Feb10-Mar2: SB revisions to Batch3 projects
    • March 7: Start of Science Observing in the Extended array configuration
    • Mar 5-30: SB revisions to unfinished Batch1,2,4 projects
    • April 2-20: Generation of "Batch5" projects (more on Batch 5 later)

Coordination with other groups and activities

  • Project (Al)
  • JSG (John)
  • DSG (Tony, Adam)
    • Mark L described the new data flow plan. Contact Scientists will no longer need to approve data for release. A DA will unpack the data and load it into the CS's lustre area and also to the user access site so the user can retrieve it. The CS will get a copy of the ticket sent to the user. CS's will get a head's up that data are to be delivered shortly from Scott, via John.
    • Action item from Feb 9: Comments requested on new front page for Splatalogue
      • Splatalogue comments on the new front page were discussed at 11AM on Thurs, Feb 16th. Any other comments, please send for implementation.

USG task reports & new business

  • HIA (Gerald)
    • Action Item from Feb 9: Primer examples. Gerald, Rachel, Al, Adam, Jim. Drafts due March 16.
    • See minutes Feb 9 for details of science examples
    • A high end computer is on order. Has had some problems VPNing into CV.
  • Taiwan and EA Liaison (Aaron)
    • Chin-Fei and others are attending Jets and we will meet with them to discuss ARC connections. A time has not been agreed - awaiting Chin-Fei's schedule details.
  • Documentation (Jim, Jonathan)
    • See main topic
  • Science Web (Aaron)
    • Work continues on new site. Reviewed with Gustaaf; he was pleased.
  • Helpdesk (Tony)
    • Given the action taken over the weekend with the NRAO servers going down, we had a successful failover test of the helpdesk to the equivalent Socorro server. This contingency was put in place for an unplanned outage but it was the first real test of the failover system.
    • All KB articles were updated by Jared where 3 instances of the science portal were described. It was now possible with the new roll-out of the science portal to replace all the executive unique links with single link...e.g: instead of:;;
    • Updates to the Feb 9th minutes were posted outline the discussions with the SciOpsIPT and how to reply to the users concerning tickets submitted to the CRSC
    • Helpdesk managers/administrators f2f meeting will be held at NAOJ on May 7-8. Any questions, problems or concerns on policy or implementation, please let Tony know. Any questions, problems or concerns on functionality, please let Kelly Sharp know before the f2f meeting. Agenda is still being set.
  • PI Support & Visitors (Scott)
    • Aaron Boley was in Socorro last week working with Stuartt. Pi happy overall, and he left with science ready images. He spent the last day planning a C1 proposal. The load was high, about 3 hours per day for Stuartt plus some preparation and clean up hours before and after. The data were reduced on the CV cluster using VPN. This worked well.
  • Development of outreach materials (Carol)
  • Workshops, Schools, Meetings (Tony, Adam)
    • ACTION ITEM from Feb 2: David will Webex review pricing structures for our needs
  • Tutorials (Carol)

Main items

  • mm course planning - Jonathon, Jim, Adam
    • The Ransom and Condon course is based on their course notes, and it has gaps for mm. Jim, Jonathon and Adam have reviewed other resources we can take advantage of instead of re-inventing the wheel. These include the Primer and our own outreach presentations of course, and classes from other summer schools including IRAM, ATCA, Radionet, McMaster and Socorro.
      • ACTION ITEM: Gerald will send James' presentation to CV
    • The level anticipated for the mm course material is for the professional from another discipline wishing to move into mm, but higher level than the "white book" from the NRAO summer schools.
    • Remy gives an ISM class which he is working on getting up on the web. We reviewed this during the meeting and concluded that it is a very nice fit in many ways for some parts of the mm course that Jim & Jonathon have outlined. This is a win-win: Jim & Jonathon can assist Remy with getting his course to where he would like it to be.
      • ACTION ITEM: Remy will work with Jim and Jonathon to plan how the ISM course material can be turned into on-line course material, adding text and otherwise fleshing out the slides. A detailed work plan and schedule will be generated.
    • Other ideas suggested were to invite people to write short science review articles and to post copies of existing reviews and links to books.
    • Once off the ground we will share the planning with the other ARCs and invite participation.

-- CarolLonsdale - 2012-02-15
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