USG Meeting, April 26 2012

2PM CV 230


Telephone hub: 434 972 7268


  • Attendance: Harvey, Jeff, Amy, Kim, Dongchan, Mark, Scott, Remy, Adam, Gerald, ?

  • Contact scientists should update PIs on status of projects if they have not done so already.
  • Arce visiting in 1-2 weeks. He's a co-I on a Cycle 0 program. This is our first DR visit to CV. He's hosted by Stuartt. Lyndele knows more details.
  • Kern visit next week, Tues 10am he will present the current pipeline for NAASC folks.
  • The mm course group reports progres on the "physics" side, the science blurbs coming along but more slowly. No current pressure on folks.
  • The simulations stuff is done as of the current understanding. Plots have been passed off - Ed & Jeff iterated/are iterating the largest-angular scale/resolution plot with Remy/Gerald - this includes two examples: a compact & an extended source.

Main Item:

  • Planning for synthesis imaging school, webinar content (Kim, Amy, Scott, Mark, Adam)

  • Attending Synthesis School: Amy, Robin, Nuria, Mark, Adam, Crystal, Arrielle, Tony (6/1)

  • NAASC responsibilities:
    • "Planning for ALMA" presentation plus hands-on
    • Two 1-day tutorials focused on ALMA data

  • Discussion/decisions/action items:
    • Use lightweight versions of TW Hydra and Antennae data for calibration (easiest is to just use 1 or 2 of many .ms files).
    • Orovide full calibrated data for imaging step (allows imaging even if unsuccessful at cal)
    • Prepare presentations for morning (CASA, calibration) and afternoon (imaging, selfcal)
    • Based off DR presentations, emphasize syntax and hands-on-part
    • Present simdata as part of Planning
    • Provide WVR and Tsys applied but include the calibration tables for inspection(?)
    • Prepare some "advanced" applications to suggest to those who finish early.
    • Present same talks both days.
    • OT material focuses on science goals, spectral setup, field setup, control & performance, minimal GUI
    • Include script but emphasize (verbally) doing it yourself and exploratory plotting
    • Large changes moving to 3.4 mean that we should aim/plan to use 3.4

  • To dos:
    • 4 30 minute talks: CASA+calib, CASA+imaging, ALMA Proposal elements, simdata (proto versions exist)
    • Copied "reduced" guides that run reasonably quickly on proviced machines
    • Data sets appropriate for 3.3 and 3.4 (3.3 only as "insurance").

  • Webinar should build off of same "planning for ALMA" as synthesis imaging school. Deemphasize/skip reduction/CASA.
    • Material ~40m - 60m.
    • No updates (or relevant folks) on AAS/CV/technical stuff.
    • Additional material added as "more technical" video presentations on web by NRC.
    • As preparation happens, keep in mind what "next level, more technical" material should be presented.

-- AdamLeroy - 2012-04-26
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