1. Task leads reports / new business
  • Site, CSV (Al, staff in Chile)
  • NRC (Gerald) - NRC Staff in Training Meeting
    * Primer plan?
    * Poster status? Anything from Alison?
  • Documentation (Jim - in Socorro?)
    * Sim Guides (Scott?)
  • Helpdesk (Tony - in Illinois)
  • Visitors (Scott)
    * Visitor program status
  • Workshops, Schools, Meetings (Tony, Adam)
    * Synthesis imaging school planning started
    * Date/status of single dish school (Aaron)
  • Tutorials (Kartik, Carol)
    * Finalized dates? Staffing?
  • Community Outreach and Science Web (Mark, Aaron)
  • Computing (David)
  • DSG liaisons (Adam, Tony)
  • JSG liaison (John)

2. Current Focus Items and Action Items
  • Issues with contacting PIs or SB preparation?
  • Date/Sttus of Single Dish School?
  • Cycle 1 capabilities, requirements on tools, staff training
  • CDEs update
    * dates? staffing? material generation?
  • 1-2 December Data Processing Workshop
    * talks staffed, need to work out plan to generate hands on material.
    * plan from Kartik & Adam attached

-- AdamLeroy - 2011-10-16
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