1. Review of Pending Items:
  • OPEN Write Knowledge base articles on recommended pwv's and central observing frequencies (Scott)
    • Scott reports that while getting a handle on the pwv is pretty straightforward (can be obtained from the OT), the delta pwv is not well-understood, or at least well-documented. Suggestions were made for tracking down the official documentation from Al or the JAO.
    • Scott also reports that Todd may have some suggestions for the central observing freq.
  • OPEN Helpdesk tracking issue with the Ephemeris tickets (Tony)
    • Ticket has been put to draft; has not been tested or implemented; No documentation on how to put ephemeris into OT yet. Waiting on CSV or and/or Richard for further guidance. Tell people - we will try and do this on a best efforts basis - if pushed can say, the capability does not exist yet.
  • OPEN Development of an on-line mm course or creation of chapters for basic astrophysics for non-mm experts.
    • Jim Braatz has agreed to lead this. He will design the framework of what this course or chapters etc. should contain. He will recruit Carilli's help at the moment and then involve Keohane (sabbatical visitor) in this work. The framework may involve different approaches (ppt slide show, chapters added to other radio interferometry courses, etc.) for different audiences.
  • OPEN Develop a single, master ppt presentation template for CDE tutorials (Lyndele w/ Mark Adams)
    • Mark, Lyndele, Purav will do it this week.
  • DONE BUT NEEDS TO BE REDONE: PDFs from AAS (Aaron) - were posted a long time ago but links ARE broken as we switched to Plone last week. Dong Chan is working on fixing this.
  • OPEN Review Plone website for problems (all)
    • Many broken links. Send problems as you discover them by following this link.
    • Crystal requested that no one make changes to hierarchy of the webpages (DCK may have made some - needs to be corrected so there are no broken links)
    • Kartik noted that based on Crystal's suggestion at the Tiger team meeting, whomever ends up taking charge of science verification data, should come up with a script in the same format at that used in CASAGUIDES currently so that it can easily be ported into a new casaguide with screen shots. John recommends involving the post-docs in this data reduction and casaguides production process.

2. Task leads reports / new business
  • Management (Carol)
    • User Committee meeting last week in Greenbank
    • Input for CDR 9
  • Documentation (Jim)
  • Helpdesk (Tony)
  • Visitors (Scott)
  • Postdoc mentoring (Scott)
  • Workshops / meeting attendance (Tony, Adam)
  • Tutorials (Kartik)

- New mousepad (v3.0) sent for production mode last week - should be ready for AAS. Mark Adams is paying for 500 of these.

- Great feedback from all CDEs - even did a CASA run through of an ALMA data set for Tucson. 4 more CDEs left including those today (Boston, Amherst, NYC)

- Over 700 astronomers reached at the end of this ~ 1/4 of the US community

- There is further push from various places for emphasizing the synergy with EVLA and GBT - one idea is to do similar CDEs for EVLA - need to talk to Gustaaf and Claire about this and see how we can help

- What shall we do about tutorials in the fall?

  • Community Outreach and Science web (Mark, Aaron)
  • EPO (John)

3. New Business?

-- LyndeleVonSchill - 2011-05-16
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