-- KartikSheth - 2011-05-01

1. Review of Pending Items:
  • Review and comment on new draft technical handbook (all - comments to JH by COB last week Thursday)
  • Review and recommend any changes to Science Portal (all - due COB last week Thursday to Jim)
  • Write kb articles on recommended pwv's and central observing frequencies (Scott)
  • Work out Helpdesk tracking issue with the ephemeris tickets (Tony)
  • On-line mm course chapters/school for basic astrophysics for non-mm experts (Jonathon?) -- who is following up on this?
    • Carol: "No specific plans were made for the next step here. Jonathon Keohone is joining us for a sabbatical in the fall and would probably be a great choice for this. However to get it started now we could perhaps enlist Jim...We should also include Chris Carilli in the start-up, since he actually volunteered for this."
  • Work with Mark Adams to come up with a single, master ppt presentation template for CDE tutorials (Lyndele)
  • Adam updating meeting poster - DONE! Next steps?
  • Jim preparing tutorial presentations for posting
  • Post PDFs from AAS (Aaron)
  • Review Plone website for problems (all)
  • Respond to NSF postdoc mentoring memo (Scott)
  • Long term visitor program plan (Scott and Aaron)
  • Progress on SIMGUIDES / CASAGUIDES (Crystal?)

2. Task leads reports / new business

  • Documentation (Jim)
  • Helpdesk (Tony)
  • Visitors (Scott)
  • Postdoc mentoring (Scott)
  • Workshops / meeting attendance (Adam)
  • Tutorials (Kartik)
    • Review the materials from the EU community day that John/Al forwarded the link from. Do we want to use any of the stuff they have there?
    • Check materials on google site to ensure these are up to date
    • Create program for AAS meeting
  • Science web (Aaron)

3. New Business?
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