1. NEWS & MAIN ITEM: Preparation for CfP Release & Cycle0

  • Kartik reported from Chile that operations are re-starting after the shutdown. He gave a simdata presentation at JAO on Friday and a data reduction walkthrough today.
  • Gerald is handling the sensitivity issue in the Primer this morning, and also the new method in the OT for specifying required sensitivity. He will the send it around for review.

  • Al received the table of new sensitivities from Richard and circulated it. Post-meeting Al checked the values against the ESO sensitivity calculator and deduced it has been updated.

2. NRC

3. Group Reports

  • Tutorials (Kartik / Scott)
    • 50-80 people in audience at CalTech; presentations by Aaron, Scott and Nuria went very well. OT and SimData for hands-on: used the CASA-guide walthrough and that worked well. They liked the video a lot. John pointed out that there are vidoes for the OT, made by EU, including "OT Walk-through - preparing a proposal in 10 steps".
    • Kartik is sending feedback summary.
    • Todd has updated the mm techniques presentationwith the new sensitivities and Aaron will, update his overview talk.

  • Helpdesk (Tony)
    • Triage coverage has been scheduled through May 2nd, with Tony taking the first 2 weeks.
    • The plan for bugs/improvement requests (excluding CASA) from staff is that the staff member will submit a ticket so that the issue can be recorded. Triage will assign it back to the staff member who will then pass it on to the appropriate cognizant scientist for submission to JIRA or other appropriate action. CASA has it's own separate plan for staff-raised issues and requests.
    • Knowledge base articles are being generated. The other ARCs may participate but favor writing articles after actual tickets are recieved.
    • Staffing policy for heldesk is that even when on travel staff members need to explicitly state if they are NOT available for HelpDesk tickets on the staffing calendar.

  • Science Web, News and EPO (Aaron/Mark)
    • Science Web pages have been reorganized to separate local material from material that now belongs on the Science Portal, and the top NAASC page has a new leftside menu that organizes the SP material separately from the local material. It is being made ready to go live shortly after the Science Portal goes live.
    • Plans are in place for broadcasting the announcement from NAASC when it is release by JAO.
    • Working April eNewsletter content

  • Documentation (Jim)
    • re-focusing on KB articles this week
    • The Primer is to be linked directly from the Portal. For now, updates of documents linked from the portal need to be sent to Tommy, however the plan is that it will be possible to upload new versions directly without having to untar an update of the entire SP.

  • NAASC Presence at Science Meetings (Adam)

  • Visitor Program (Scott)
    • OSO meeting last week - will be contacting GB folks to learn about their visitor program and experiences


-LyndeleVonSchill - 2011-03-28
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