1. NEWS & MAIN ITEM: Preparation for CfP Release & Cycle0
  • Issues from the Science Operations IPT meeting last week in Garching (John)
    • Project will use google site set up by Kartik: https://sites.google.com/site/almacommunityoutreach/home . Some action items identified
      • Send updates to slides and documents (especially for ALMA training) to Lyndele and Kartik
    • Prefer separate KB articles instead of one FAQ. Obvious questions need to be entered into KB
    • SV data and process - Probably not ready by end of month
    • New s/w requirements for CASA R9 needed by April (for Jan 2012 release)
  • Summer schedules - please plan vacations & trips to avoid critical times this summer
    • May 9-13: next IT
    • June: support Helpdesk through June 30
    • July: TAs, and TA workshop. Week of 18th
    • September: CASA bootcamp (and possibly phase II support)
  • Development meeting next week (Al, Todd)

2. NRC
  • Update to Primer on-line requested by SciOpsIPT

3. Group Reports
  • Tutorials (Kartik / Scott)
    • Santa Fe, U. Penn
    • not enough time for hands-on at Santa Fe
    • new mm talk (Todd, Crystal)
    • new idiot's guide to simdata (Scott); please review and comment (http://casaguides.nrao.edu/index.php?title=New_Users_Guide)
    • need to schedule a review of materials by NAASC staff
    • need better organization of materials on wiki / google docs
  • Helpdesk (Tony - on travel)
  • Science Web, News and EPO (Aaron/Mark)
  • Documentation (Jim)
  • NAASC Presence at Science Meetings (Adam)
  • Visitor Program (Scott)

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