Attending: Jim, Scott, Aaron, Tony, Jared, Kartik, Adam, James, Carol

1. Review of Pending ACTION ITEMS:
  • NEW OPEN (with DSG) review Simdata useability by a novice and consider need for improved guide or quickstart (Remy, Jim)
  • NEW OPEN use cases for an image domain guide (all, to Adam)
  • NEW OPEN Lessons learned memo from the CDEs (Kartik)
  • NEW OPEN need confirmed speakers for the winter AAS special session by June 20 (Adam, Mark A)
  • NEW OPEN first visitors in Fall - review readiness of web pages / visitor guide & and request staff to fill their schedules out through Fall on the Helpdesk calendar (Scott, Lyndele)
  • NEW OPEN schedule ANASAC face-to-face meeting (Al, Lyndele)
  • OPEN Development of an on-line mm course for non-experts.
    • Will move this open item to a Focus Area on the main USG page; it is bigger than just an action item
  • OPEN Develop a single, master ppt presentation template for CDE tutorials (Lyndele w/ Mark Adams)
  • CLOSED Dong-Chan will fix PDFs from AAS that were broken when we switched to Plone.
  • OPEN Review Plone website for problems (all)
    • Several broken links reported to "webhelp" by Dong Chan. Status? -> Done, except for one plone-related problem!

2. Task leads reports / new business
  • Management (Carol)
    • All action items and activities delayed to July unless imperitve
    • ANASAC telecon was held June 2. They had positive comments on the CDE memo; agree with the plan to have a data processing workshop in CV in the Fall, suggesting early December as a good trade off between PIs having data and before the call for cycle1; agree with plan for more CDEs for cycle1, in Feb-April; caution against overpormising at the AAS when there will be little cycle0 data yet, focus on SV data sets?; suggest meeting-within-a-meeting at summer AAS for ES results; ANASAC face-to-face meeting to be scheduled for late September
    • DSG will review simdata useability in response to a critical user. USG may support them in generating clearer guides.
    • USG will take on the management and presentation of casaguides (and other guides) after these are produced by DSG, the Tiger Team or others.
    • Adam and Tony have been appointed liaisons between the USG & DSG and will report any important items at from one group to the other at the standing meeting.
  • NRC (James)
    • There were about 25 people at the last CDE (Toronto). An ALMA lunch was held where Christine Wilson participated.
    • The NAASC poster was put up at the CASCA meeting.
  • Documentation (Jim)
    • Planning the mm course is proceeding with Jonathon Keohone, who will arrive Aug 15 or 21. Tony questioned whether this should be expanded beyond mm (OSO theme) because Fred had commented on that. However in fact these course materials are filling a gap in on-line course material for mm techniques and astrophysics.
    • The course materials will also be used for summer school lectures at the intermediate level, likewise filling a current gap in NRAO summer school materials. We want to build a school at a more intermediate level than the black belt one.
  • Helpdesk (Tony)
    • Jared Crossley has joined NAASC as a data Analyst beginning today. We welcome him!
    • The Helpdesk has a new reporting system
    • There is a meeting on Weds about Helpdesk integration with the NRAO instance
  • Visitors (Scott)
    • Scott will review the readiness of web pages and visitors guide for our first visitors in late summer / Fall. There's duplication between the two and it may be best to consolidate everything as a web page. It is undesirable to maintain material in more than one place.
    • It is about time to review staff schedules with an eye to the schedule we will need for visitor "contact scientists". The same staff availability calendar as used by the Helpdesk can be used, but must be extended out to the Fall when visitors are expected to begin arriving.
  • Postdoc mentoring (Scott)
    • Scott will be meeting with the postdocs in preparation for the Q3 Quarterly Report.
  • Workshops / meeting attendance (Tony, Adam)
    • Lead for the AAS meetings will transfer from Kartik to Adam
    • Our special session request for the winter AAS may go ahead, however they need a (mostly) confirmed speaker list by June 20. They request representation of the diversity of people working in astronomy.
    • The SOC held its first telecon for the NAASC workshop. Dates are march 3-6 at the Omni. There was a suggestion not to have the meeting run over a whole weekend. Tony will consult Sienny about the idea of pushing it back a day to start on the Sunday instead of Saturday.
  • Tutorials (Kartik)
    • ANASAC asked for a lessons learned summary from the CDE events. The CDEs evolved thorughout the Feb-June time period, with the lessons learned being implented as we went along. Also all comments were recorded. Kartik will schedule a telecon to discuss lessons learned, including key local organizers, to result in a lessons-learned memo.
  • Community Outreach and Science web (Mark, Aaron)
    • It has been pointed out that the summer school wiki page that Jim put togetrher is no longer reachable.
  • EPO (John)

3. AOB

  • Adam requests use cases for image analysis of Cycle0 (and later) data products, with worked examples by end of July. For an image domain guide.

-- CarolLonsdale - 2011-06-08
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