USG July 25 Meeting Room 230 2-3pm

In attendance: Scott, Jim, Andy, Adam, Aaron, Tony, Kim, Rachel, Dongchan, John, Kartik, Jared, David

Video link: Gerald, James (HIA), Heidi (Socorro)

0. Phase II description
  • expert team, NOT USERS, generate SBs for accepted projects
  • P2G bootcamp: Aug. 24-26 (Harvey, Kartik NAASC members of P2G)
  • P2G SB generation: Aug. 26- Sept.9 (confirmation on Sept.9 date waiting)
  • ARCs review SBs w. PI: Sept.10-Sept.30 (Sept.30 deadline for submitting to queue) assigning contact scientists to projects, etc. Probably 1/3 of 33 projects.
  • This group
    • Talk about how to share with PIs (skype, e.g.?)
    • Also perhaps identifying scientists to pair with projects?
    • HIA requests to be kept in the loop for friend assignment
  • Also need to finalize how to make changes after PI consultation
  • Remaining proposals - Dec.1 (?)

1. Task Lead Reports
  • NRC - James is going to Santiago for TA
  • Documentation - Nothing new
  • Helpdesk
    • We should all look at new Helpdesk Guide
    • We should all fill in level 3 expertise on Google form
  • Visitors
    • Scott met with NAASC management team to discuss new proposal
    • Aaron and Scott will pass around new document soon
  • Mentoring - Need to better define the ALMA Science Fellow postdoc position
  • Workshops/Meetings
    • NAASC workshop progressing and SOC is moving along
    • AAS stuff for January progressing
    • mid-October software development workshop here
  • Tutorials
    • Kartik is looking for someone to take over community day events
    • Not obvious what type of community day event should be next
    • Will solicit ideas at next ANASAC meeting (Sep 12)
  • Science Web
    • Not met as a group this month
    • Tweaking web pages to say that the call for proposals has closed
    • Will meet this week for future updates
    • Will follow up with Al about eNews article

2. Open Action Items
  • Nothing new

3. AOB
  • John asks us to add suggestions to Cycle 1 OT Wiki (but not bugs) by end of this week
  • David says that 5 visitor machines will soon be purchased

-- ScottSchnee - 2011-07-25
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