USG July 18 Meeting

Room 230


In attendance: Tony, Kimberly, Kartik, Dongchan, Andy, Jarrod, Adam, Rachel, Scott, Lyndele, Gerald, Heidi

1. Review of Pending Items:

Introduction to Andy - new Data Analyst

  • Jim - responding to complaint from UBC, Remy is working on it right now, Jim is on holidays but will work on it when he returns

  • Tony - nothing has happened on the helpdesk, Gerald is on triage until TBD
    • lessons learned: Europe/EA needs more training for support specialists, putting together knowledgebase articles
    • lots of new reports coming out for support staff to review

  • Scott
    • visitors - Itziar (JAO) - working with Ed Fomalont, also perhaps Crystal & Todd to learn data reduction for ALMA
    • postdoc mentoring - John Tobin arriving soon but official start date Sept. 1 (not NAASC); no word on other new (non-NAASC) postdocs

2. Task leads reports

  • NRC (Gerald)
    • Intend to take part in SV reduction (Crystal's course)
  • Documentation (Jim)
  • Helpdesk (Tony)
  • Visitors (Scott)
  • Postdoc mentoring (Scott)
  • Workshops / meeting attendance (Tony, Adam)
    • AAS Speakers - 5 or 6 confirmed speakers
    • Adam will pick this back up in the fall

  • Tutorials (Kartik)
    • O'Neal - Community Day following Tony Fisher Relationship Oct 14 or 21 in GB
  • Community Outreach and Science web (Mark, Aaron)

3. New business

Will begin advertising for two new post-doc positions (via NSF) - similar to NAASC PDs; "traveling" - will be at NRAO for limited time to train, but will travel to train others on ALMA.
  • Which USG tasks should the post-docs take on?
    • CDEs - ambassadors to the community
    • F2F user support
    • Helpdesk
    • Documentation - kb vetting
  • Interferometry experience
  • Tony - could use splatalogue help
  • Perhaps be here for a year, then move somewhere else for another year?
  • Would like to have a list of 4 things that they could be doing
  • Suggestions for ad wording
  • Will need volunteers to serve on interview committee

-- LyndeleVonSchill - 2011-07-18
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