July 11, 2011 USG Minutes

In attendance: Gerald, Carol, Kimberly, Mark Adams, Jim, Scott, Rachel, Lyndele, Tony, Kelly, Dongchan, David

1. Review of Pending Items:

2. Task leads reports / new business
  • Management (Carol)
  • NRC (Gerald)
    • on triage this week
  • Documentation (Jim)
    • Jim will follow up on Doug Scott's comment
    • Jonathon will visit in August (~15th?). John Stoke will take charge of making sure he has a laptop.
  • Helpdesk (Tony)
    • Rachel has been on helpdesk
    • Lessons learned triage meeting - Jarrod and Andy (beginning 18th) will take over triage now. Heidi is available as needed.
    • Feel free to contact leads directly or submit a help desk ticket.
  • Visitors (Scott)
    • Long-term visitor plan document circulated to NAASC group. John H wants to re-write document; will send around to mgmt team then
    • NSF post-doc mentoring memo response - documentation, now handling very well. Scott has submitted to Chris C. for review, report due this week to NSF. Powerpoint slide has been produced. Please send cc to Carol.
  • Postdoc mentoring (Scott)
  • Workshops / meeting attendance (Tony, Adam)
  • Tutorials (Kartik)
  • NRAO Science Meeting - Jets 2012
    • Use Bill Contin's jets image?
    • March 3-6, 2012
    • announce on eNews
    • need abstract
  • Community Outreach and Science web (Mark, Aaron)
    • Confirm final session descriptions by 14 July with AAS Austin Special session (Adam) - titles and descriptions, speaker list.
    • Speaker List - Carol (Galaxies), Al (Capabilities Cycle 1), Yancy Shirley, Meredith Hughes (Planet Formation), Alison Peck (update ALMA)
  • EPO (John)

3. New Business?

  • What's up next for the NAASC
    • USG - should we trading off some effort with other groups? What do we do next?
    • Phase 2 - TA workshop coming up in August
    • Next thing up - helping people with scheduling blocks. John planning training session; should be straightforward
    • Data support for SV data and visitors
      • training for staff in preparation for data reduction support for visitors
      • Crystal taking lead on coming up with plan by early August
      • "go away and do the CASA Guide", then come back for training
    • Lessons Learned on Cyce

-- LyndeleVonSchill - 2011-07-11
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