USG Agenda, January31, 2011

1. News

2. NRC

3. Group Reports
  • Tutorials (Kartik)
    • Community Events graphic
    • Wish list for simguides
      • Detailed instructions on installing CASA with caveats on which systems it works on and does NOT work on + tester script to ensure CASA works before people come to the tutorial
      • A Tricks and Tips page for problems with the installation that we have uncovered and workarounds
      • Simdataoverview with a detailed description of each of the "knobs" - perhaps this already exists?
      • Simdata walkthroughs for a set (5?) of science primer examples (where feasible) with a script and a description of the steps - simguides? i.e. more simguides? We should make the data sets for each example available to the public.
      • Tricks / cheatsheet / listing of problems encountered when running CASA Simdata -- list of items we encounter and how to resolve them.
      • A step by step guide of how create proper input FITS image for simdata (perhaps this already exists?)
    • Registrant list for announced events
  • Helpdesk (Tony)
  • Science Web, News, and EPO (Aaron / Mark)
    • Newsletter status
    • Science portal design; Phil J and Tim B will review with Fred
  • Documentation (Jim)
    • CfP outline (Aaron)
  • NAASC Presence at Science meetings (Adam)
  • Visitor program (Scott)
    • hallway live sitecam?

4. AOB

-- CarolLonsdale - 2011-01-31
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