USG Agenda, January24, 2011

1. News
2. NRC update / workshop & tutorial

The workshop and tutorial went extremely well overall; lessons learned meeting will review in more detail. The primary concern that was noted was the simdata tutorial. Actions taken by the DSG to deal with technical issues. Improvements to casaguides and simguides need to be addressed.

Comments on the conference included more presentations on kinematics.

Action items for web page for tutorials:

Add a line "this is the latest version"

Add instructions that attendees should ensure that CASA and the latest OT version are both installed and working.

Future tutorial plans by NRC: Calgary - first 1/2 May; Toronto - late April

3. IT3

Jim Braatz tried and proposal was refused. Submitted help desk ticket. Andy Biggs said that it would be fixed in next release.

Action: Al and John need to know about this. Jim will let them know.
4. Group Reports

* Tutorials (Kartik)

We are getting a lot more sign-ups as a result of Mark's email

Hawaii Feb 10 & 11

Cal Tech Mar 15, 16

SFA Apr 19 % 20

Tucson, Rutgers, Chicago, DC/Baltimore - definite proposals coming

UPenn - maybe

UCSB- maybe

UCBerkeley - currently "no"

Action: Kartik update on wiki

Combining all presentations in one location (probably Google site)

Coordinating all training materials across Arcs - Kartik will take lead

Boston AAS: Multiple days - Mar 22-26 - Splinter session/Tutorial

* Helpdesk (Tony / Jim)

Triage (Scott). Tony is working on Helpdesk guide - how things will work here at the NAASC.

About 12 helpdesk tickets submitted last week. Of question variety - also 6-7 bugs. Shunted to Andy Biggs. Mechanics seem to work fine.

Canada will test post-5pm helpdesk.

* Science Web, News, and EPO (Aaron)

Landing page for NAASC is now pre-announcement page. Links to CD and to primer. Dong Chang meeting page much nicer, with copies of posters.

Proposed to Science policy group - Portal has link to user service at Arcs (with button for each Arc) to get to local support. Attempting to make it more obvious how to get help from appropriate Arc.

ACTION: Put NRAO insignia on top - make sure branding is obvious. John will let Mark Adams know how we will brand the landing page. Mark will be meeting with Fred and will make sure that he knows what Fred is thinking.

* Documentation (Jim)

Template for working documents has been adopted. Can be written in Word, Pages, etc. User will get PDF version.

Locally responsible for user's guide to NAASC (pdf using template). Brenda working to convert it to Pages.

* NAASC Presence at Science meetings (Adam)

* Visitor program (Scott)

Computer should be as fast as needed; Scott will double-check to make sure that it's up to speed.

Pre-doc support - Jeff for clarity
5. AOB

* Developing and improving casaguides & simguides; joint team with DSG

Added about 80 people from Victoria to email list

-- CarolLonsdale - 2011-01-24

-- LyndeleVonSchill - 2011-01-24

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