USG Meeting, February 28, 2011

1. News

  • ALMA Development Meeting 3/21-22

  • Not getting much communication between Groups - being aware of what other groups are doing. Improving clarity in wikis. Above agenda and minutes, Current Action Items at top - please be sure that your Action Items are listed on the wiki.

  • If there is anything of importance, link from the USG wiki only.

  • Working Group on document storage and clarity? Jim Braatz, Tony, Kartik

  • Presentations need to be available for international use - Training materials (Google is replacing wiki that John set up earlier)

  • Jim and Carol will discuss format for ARC article

  • Is there a way to bring info from the Primer into the Knowledge Base? A search can be done, but it will be outside the Knowledge Base.

2. NRC

  • New tutorial perhaps in Quebec
  • Tutorial webpage will be done today
  • Announcement going out
  • Registrations at local sites
  • Calling them Tutorials
    • May 4-5 - Victoria
    • April 18-19 Toronto
    • May 12-13 Calgary
    • June 3 London
    • ?? Laval; Montreal

3. Group Reports

  • Tutorials (Kartik) and NAASC Presence at Science Meetings (Adam) - Dongchan implemented web summary: ... OK to release?
    • 3 people staffing Pasadena; 50 people signed up. Kartik will call in. Scott, Aaron & Nuria will be in person and a couple of local people will be trained.

  • Helpdesk (Tony)
    • Final version of HD summary and guide in review
    • DA adds are awaiting approval from Phil

  • Science Web, News and EPO (Aaron/Mark)
    • ALMA Science Portal page - still work in progress
    • Perhaps remove Bios from ALMA Newsletter... see what other ARCs are doing.

  • Documentation (Jim)
    • Learned Simdata tool -Room to improve documentation on Simdata; Jim will take that over. Scott's presentation is good way to present; see if Scott will convert to CASA-style guide.

  • Analysis Tools (Adam) - report from Data Services Group
    • Assisting with Advanced Tools - subgroup being formed

  • Visitor Program (Scott)


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