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2PM EDT Monday December 5 in CV 230  IP: Telephone hub:  434 972 7268 

In attendance: Tony, Carol, Amy, Kimberly, Mark L, Remy, Jonathon, Dong-Chan, Jim, Adam, Lyndele, Scott, John, David, James, Brenda, Kartik, Mark A

1. News and overview
  • eNews article was written soliciting CDE interest
  • IT5 began today. OT testing delayed. John requested volunteers for load test: Adam, Tony, Mark L
  • Special Session application was submitted, Alaska AAS (Anchorage)
    • about 1/2 time for contributor talks, and there will be an associated poster session

2. Coordination with other groups and activities
  • Site, CSV, SCO (Kartik)
    • Next Obs session Dec 12th. 3 more data sets are close to complete.
    • Using 8.1 beginning this week.
    • Ed and Carol traveling to Chile over next week
  • DSG & computing (Mark, David)
  • JSG (John H)
    • Ed heads to Chile tomorrow to participate in standardizing data and QA products
    • There is some interest in shipping data to the ARCs for reduction to help with bottleneck.
  • Tiger Team (Adam)
    • No meeting last week.
    • Dec 8th hopefully will get a heads-up about poss changes to Cycle 1
  • Software (Remy)

3. Main items
  • Primer-light?
    • Recommend not producing a new Primer for AAS. Opinion from HIA: Current primer will do, not reasonable to spend time on new primer when we don't have Cycle 1 specs. Jim B concurs; would be counter-productive to have two versions. Jim is working on an update to the NRAO brochure that can be included in Cycle 0 primers at the AAS to act as update.
  • First data release
    • Mark: Tarball of first 3 data sets transfered to NAASC. Tony is preparing cover letter for the one NA data set from helpdesk with options for getting the data: full tarball, full tarball on disk, value-added NAASC tarball (reduced data set processed by Ed).
    • Questions about charges related to shipping - should we be consistent with other NRAO telescopes. Tony will discuss with OSO.
  • Single Dish workshop
    • Remy recommends that if you don't have time to look at the homework, it might be helpful to at least spend 5 min looking at the distinct tasks for SD processing in casapy:
      • CASA> asap_init
      • CASA> tasklist
      • CASA> help sdaverage
      • CASA> help sdbaseline
      • CASA> help sdimaging

  • New SV data
    • John commented that CSV does not have pushing new data sets out as a priority at the moment. Kartik reported that data available are Cen A, NGC 4321, M100, SgrA & 16293. We want to have access to these data for the AAS talks; Carol will disvcuss with Al and Alison

4. USG task reports & new business
  • HIA
  • Taiwan and EA Liaison (Aaron)
  • Documentation (Jim, Jonathan)
    • Facilities brochure being updated - will ping people for input as needed
  • Helpdesk (Tony)
    • Helpdesk tickets will remain "pending" until data has been released to PIs, then tickets are changed to "resolved". Clock starts for PI when the PIs are notified that data is ready & ticket is resolved. Issues with DR will involve a new ticket.
  • PI Support & Visitors (Scott, Carol)
    • Still 2 Batch 2 items that have not happened. Change request (Mark L) has not occurred. Some awaiting a cone search. Kartik will follow up. John will follow up on Arielle's change request.
    • Batch 3 - Jira tickets have been generated by Kartik, Harvey and Stuartt. CSs should get them reviewed and released by PIs before Xmas
    • Scott will send training slides for Canada to use for SB training
    • Moving to extended config end January
    • Student support decisions have been made and will be sent out to PIs this week.
  • Development of outreach materials (Carol)
    • Eelco volunteered to coordinate simulations. Need a NAASC volunteer to head the effort here
  • Workshops, Schools, Meetings (Tony, Adam)
    • AAS splinter and special sessions.
      • Special session dry run on Monday, Dec 12.
      • Splinter session dry run not scheduled yet. Draft presentations for Splinter / Maryland CDE by end of week.
    • Summer school
    • Outflows, Winds and Jets
    • Oct 8-12 2012 ALMA Works conference - "first results" in Santiago.
  • Tutorials (Carol)
  • Community Outreach and Science Web (Mark, Aaron)
      • eNews to be published Monday; article soliciting interest in cycle1 CDEs, article of upcoming CDEs, Al has promised an ALMA update

5. AOB

Current USG Focus Items
  • Integrated Test 5
  • Single Dish training schedule and agenda, Dec 7,8
  • Cycle 1 capabilities, configurations, tools, simulations, documentation, staff training
  • CDEs: materials and dry run
  • AAS dry runs, Dec 12
  • Batch 3 SBs
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