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Attendees: Kartik, Jared, Andy, Mark Adams, Kimberly, Dongchan, Aaron, Kelly, Al, Tony, Lyndele, Arielle Moullet

USG Meeting (August 8, 2011) // Rm 230, 2--3pm EDST.


* News from NRC Canada
  • James is back from Santiago
  • Currently working on SV data
    • Eric and Alison check datasets, that would be appreciated

* Updates from TA from Chile
  • looked over all proposals, but learned that not all proposals were feasible. Spent first days discussing the problems.
  • Lot of places where people had misconceptions about possibilities.
  • came up with a series of guidelines; reviewed proposals again using the guidelines.
  • Reudiger will be storekeeper of revised guidelines

* Update on SV data release
  • antenna data being worked on;
  • Aug 24-26, boot camp scheduling blocks - Kartik & Harvey leading in Chile, but will return and repeat in US

* Other news?
  • 17 antennas at OAS

Open Action Items ---------------------------------------------------
  • NEW OPEN (with DSG) review Simdata useability by a novice and consider need for improved guide or quickstart (Remy, Jim)
  • NEW OPEN use cases for an image domain guide (all, to Adam)
  • NEW OPEN Lessons learned memo from the CDEs (Kartik)
  • OPEN Development of an on-line mm course for non-experts. (Jim Braatz, Jonathan Koehene
    • Will move this open item to a Focus Area on the main USG page; it is bigger than just an action item
  • OPEN Approval of the single, master ppt presentation template for CDE tutorials
    • Mark will work with Purav to post in the "template" location and will send out a link to the NAASC
  • OPEN Long term visitor program plan (Scott and Aaron) - in progress
    • Carol and Aaron have discussed terms; still in development
  • OPEN Update SimGuides? and CASAGuides (Jared and Andy)- in progress; onging

Reports from the USG Teams:

USG Teams

  • HelpDesk (Tony Remijan, Lead)-
    • new Staff guide available
    • NA Staff Guide possibly done in next couple of weeks? Will be posted to wiki page.
    • Tony will send an email asking for more ARC expertise input
  • In-house Person-to-Person Support (Scott Schnee, Lead) mid FY2011
  • Documentation & Online Training (Jim Braatz, Lead)
  • Tutorials & Training Materials (Kartik Sheth, Lead)
    • Policy that 'Community Event Days' will refer to any outreach training events
    • Will try to do an SV/data verification training event in Novemberor December
    • How to make this a One Observatory event? An NRAO-wide Community Day event; one on the east coast and one on the west (Dec 14th at UMD).
    • Kartik will be moving more toward toward JSG work; Carol has indicated a willingness to take the lead on CDEs.
  • Workshops & Meetings* (Adam Leroy, Lead)
    • Pre-registration for Jets 2012 now open.
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