USG Meeting April 4, 2011

2:00pm Room 230

Present: Jim, Tony, Dongchan, Adam, Scott, Lyndele, John, Mark, Gerald, Doug, Brenda, James, and Kartik

1. NEWS & MAIN ITEMS: Carol on vacation

  • CfP release ScienceWeb switched over simultaneous with release; seems to be successful.
    • Release of Primer - Gerald: released Tuesday, no complaints. Fixed a couple of spelling errors. Sensitivities are all based on the calculator on ESO page; checked by at least Gerald and/or person who wrote the page. We should point out that everyone should be using the Sensitivity calculator on the OT and ESO page, rather than what is in the Primer. Will keep most up-to-date version on Canadian page; NA Arc would point to Primer there. John has some comments for the Primer when Gerald is ready to push it out again.
    • User registration - 168 registrants so far; about half ALMA staff or otherwise affiliated. Problems with registration are so far minor (3 people?)
    • First real helpdesk tickets! Five tickets from "outside." Array configuration ticket - will make config files available on CASAguides wiki. There are no plans to update Portal until mid-late May. If there is something that needs to be out to the public earlier, CASAguides or NAASC website are options.
    • Scott - The effective velocity resolution is twice the channel spacing. Discussed whether this should be in Primer. It certainly needs to go into OT docs and correlator modes presentation slides. Also, Scott will put an article in the KB.
    • Emphasized: When we find issues like this one, we should put these in a KB article.
    • John - some probs with registration - the proposal handling team has taken ownership of registry. For now, problems go to Kelly or Aaron; they will send to a special email for problems with registration errors. Long term solution: create an area in JIRA.

  • Prep for upcoming CV tutorial
    • updating/posting workshop talks- Kartik sent a note saying that he was working on OT talk. Adam will take the lead in generating an update to the Overview talk. Todd already updated mm-considerations talk. Scott will update SIMdata talk, with new config files.
    • Noted that Kartik has a separate talk for radio novices: "This is a radio telescope"
    • Presentation for Postdocs is in Slides for ALMA Capabilities
    • We will post slides from the 4 main talks on the NAASC community days website. Kartik will send the talks to Dong Chan and Aaron, and they will post them on the "community1" page.
    • Doug notes that public can view recently given talks at Tutorials - available as a link from the tutorials websites
    • Tony, Aaron, John, Jim, Lyndele will eventually come up with a structure for maintaining presentations.
    • Google Site is currently "private" - available by invitation only.
    • If you follow CDE link (from the Canadian site), viewer will find PDF of talk.
  • Kertik's news from Chile: ALMA Board is in Chile; system is up and running; new obs of antennae galaxies with Band 6; Very good weather.

2. NRC
  • Triage meeting with Gerald and Tony on Friday.

3. Group Reports

  • Tutorials (Kartik / Scott)

  • Helpdesk (Tony)
    • Remember - if you post that you are OOC, post that you are also "not available for helpdesk" if applicable

  • Science Web, News and EPO (Aaron/Mark)
    • held over DSG article and "Meet the DSG" for May
    • Chileans on contract are thinking about putting together a Human Capacity Development workshop for South American scientists and students.
  • Documentation (Jim)
    • Guide posted to Portal
  • NAASC Presence at Science Meetings (Adam)

  • Visitor Program (Scott)
    • Tested migration to Plone and created test form that visitors can use for evaluation of their site visit.


-- LyndeleVonSchill - 2011-04-04
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