Attendance: Carol, Tony, Dongchan, Adam, Scott, Jim, Lyndele, Brenda, James, John


  • Activity associated with Cycle0 proposals
    • Additional Primer updates & schedule
    • Kartik is working to update mousepad -- to be done by next week.
    • Bring "old" mousepads to Toronto & new Primers (Adam)
    • SP update May15: NAASC input to Technical Handbook
      • Scott will review SimData chapter

  • Prep for upcoming CDEs and workshops
    • upcoming events: April 18 (STScI); April 18 (Toronto); April 20 (Boston); April 25 (UMass-Amherst); April 26 (NRAO-CV)
    • Need to meet to review presentations later this week.
      • Adam has revised Overview
      • Scott has revised SimData
      • Todd has revised mm
      • Kartik will have OT by Apr 12
      • Interferometry 101 - James
    • status of updates to workshop PPTs and posting PPTs for public
      • Dongchan will post presentations from Community Days Registration page
      • Good state. OT left. PDFs up by end of the week.
    • Version at footer - "V. x.x as presented at place and date"?

2. NRC
  • June 3rd in London, Ontario - NRC requests 2 NAASC volunteers - Gerald will pay for travel

3. Group Reports
  • Tutorials (Kartik / Scott)
    • 100 copies of revised Primer have been printed and are ready for distribution
  • Helpdesk (Tony)
    • Helpdesk workflow presented at the "first Wed" meeting last week. We will use the NAASC "triple O" calendar to monitor assignment of helpdesk tickets. NAASC Helpdesk availability spreadsheet maintained by Lyndele - Helpdesk Staffing Spreadsheet will allow Carol and Tony to know who is around for helpdesk staffing and to determine whether or not vacation requests can be accommodated.
    • Triage handover meeting at 3PM today
    • Helpdesk Managers/Admin f2f meeting in Garching Wed and Thurs. - please send any questions, comments, changes for discussion.
    • 28 knowledgebase articles as of 4/11/11 (incl. configuration & spectral resolution)
  • Science Web, News and EPO (Aaron/Mark)
    • Will limit NAASC news items to 3-4 short articles (typically: Meet the NAASC (highlighting a person or group), Science (highlighting the research activities of NAASC scientist or group), Tutorial update (if appropriate), timely news. Will be mindful of need for "balance" and will hold for next issue as appropriate. Canada will provide article by the 20th.
  • Documentation (Jim)

  • NAASC Presence at Science Meetings (Adam)

  • Visitor Program (Scott)
    • Aaron, Jeff, Tim and Scott about a long-term visitor program - how are NAASC long-term visitors chosen?

4. AOB

-- CarolLonsdale - 2011-04-11 -- LyndeleVonSchill - 2011-04-11

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