Minutes from Sept. 20, 2010

  • CHV: Hibbard, Sheth, Kimball, Schnee, Braatz, Evans, Kim, Remy
  • CHILE: Remijan
  • HIA: Schieven, Matthews
  • SOC: Leroy

Discussion on the PRIMER (Hibbard/Lacy)
  • John led the discussion on content of the PRIMER specifically content concerning early science, consistent use of the term "bandwidth" and including ES and FS simulations.
    • ACTION: John will send recommended changes to Gerald who will incorporate them into a new version and then send around to the USG for review. The TOP PRIORITY items to include are edits to the PRIMER based in the early science memo sent around by Richard Hills and consistent use of the term "bandwidth" throughout the document. This will then be sent to the other arcs.
    • IF POSSIBLE, Gerald will also try to include formal definitions of the different uses of "bandwidth" and include the simulation comparisons between ES and FS ALMA.

Victoria tutorial update - (Sheth)
  • Kartik introduced his strawman plan for running the "day after tutorial" in Victoria. Based on the discussion he changed the scope and updated the wiki page.
    • ACTION: Review Kartik's strawman tutorial plan wiki at: https://safe.nrao.edu/wiki/bin/view/ALMA/VictoriaMeetingTutorialOutline and send along comments, questions, criticisms or praises. Or, edit yourself in a different font color with your initials to track changes.
    • ACTION: Kartik will get back to the USG if more assistance is needed at the tutorial than what is currently planned by the attendees.
  • Gerald, Brenda among others from Victoria are planning to participate in the Nov. 9th, "Train the trainers" session (at least via video).
    • ACTION: Kartik and others will send "homework" to the attendees of the "Train the trainer" session in preparation for the discussions on Nov. 9th.

Victoria meeting registration/planning updates (Schieven/Remijan)
  • Registration and abstract submission are open. Abstracts will continue to be taken until Nov 30th. Registration will remain open until filled. Ted Miller and Pat Donohue signed the contract with Laurel Point so we can now start booking rooms at the conference rate.
    • ACTION: Gerald will confirm this with Laurel Point and post this announcement off the webpage.

Meeting wiki (Leroy)
  • There is now a page on the wiki designed to help coordinate NAASC presence at relevant workshops and conferences: [https://safe.nrao.edu/wiki/bin/view/ALMA/ListOfMeetingsToTargetAndPeopleGoing
    • ACTION: If you are planning to attend any of the meetings on the page please either email Adam (aleroy@nrao.edu) or edit this in to the twiki directly. Feel free to add meetings or update the suggested relevance.
    • We should discuss in the next week or two (post review) what form we want this presence to take where (talk, poster, material, tutorial). Either mail aleroy@nrao.edu or paste thoughts to the twiki.

Progress from working groups (if time allows)
  • Helpdesk - Strawman staffing plan in place. Will discuss when Crystal returns
  • Science Web - Aaron and Dong Chan are going through and continuing to update the page based on the meeting from a couple weeks ago.

  • The topic of "Community Days" for NAASC tutorials was discussed. More discussion is needed and should be given its own agenda item in some future meeting.

-- AnthonyRemijan - 2010-09-20
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