USG Agenda for Nov. 01, 2010

  • News and New Discussion Items
  • Task Lead Reports
    • NRC
    • Tutorials (Kartik)
      • Update on Train The Trainers
        • ACTION ITEM: KS to send more specific information to the trainers.
        • ACTION ITEM: Jim will follow-up with Harvey on the latest most stable version of the OT to install. One that will work on our version of Linux in CHV is preferred. He will report back to us on the progress.
        • ACTION ITEM: KS to followup on the wiki that records OT issues and include the OT problem.
      • Revised tutorial plan
    • Documentation (Jim)
      • ACTION ITEM: Jim will work on preparing the Proposer's Guide with the intention that it will be released after the CfP. In addition, he will coordinate with John in organizing this effort because there were a lot of "Plans for Early Science" documents prepared by the ARCs for the reviews.
      • ACTION ITEM: Jim, Aaron and Scott to review overlaps of material between the web and documents such as the proposed proposer's guide, and define what the "user's guide" should be (document; new web pages; woven into existing web).
    • Science Web (Aaron)
      • Two big issues remaining:
        • 1) Make sure all the numbers in the PRIMER agree with the numbers on the webpage
        • 2) NRC personnel pages -
          • Action item to Aaron will make a "groups" link at the top of the page an NRC-hosted page.
          • Action item to NRC to populate it.
    • Helpdesk (Tony)
      • ACTION ITEM: Remijan and Sharp are preparing a short presentation that will be made available to the other ARCs on what type of reporting that can be generated using mysql queries from the Kayako database.
    • NAASC presence at science meetings (Adam)
      • ACTION ITEM: Every NAASC scientist should review the Poster and send comments to Adam and James. - POSTER FOUND HERE: NAASC_Poster_v2.ppt
    • Visitor program (Scott)

  • AOB
    • ACTION ITEM: Remijan and Evans will prepare a document on how the NAASC will disseminate and work with the SciComm and EPO groups. Remijan has a meeting with M. Adams on Thurs.

-- CarolLonsdale - 2010-10-31
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