Minutes USG Dec. 20, 2010

Agenda: Dong-Chan, Crystal, Jim, Nuria, Amy, Kartik, Rachel, John

  1. News
  2. NRC update
  3. Group Reports
    • Tutorials (Kartik)
      • AAS
        • Special (KS: Updated with Carol's pdf and my notes.)
        • ACTION: make straw consistent
        • ACTION: Send James an email
        • Splinter
        • Booth - Doddle poll http://doodle.com/fzgd7zku7v4ny27x
        • Mousepad has gone to printer - final version is this one. (KS)
          • ACTION: fix link at bottom of mousepad.
          • Hand out mousepads at talks, not randomly at booth. Can only be given out if the event is self-funding. Mark Adams is paying for these for AAS. Can be handed out at tutorials.
      • Status of Community Outreach & Status of Outreach talk for staff to use
        • Additional community day interest? (Tucson)
          • KS: Talked to Najita - she and Fan are going to be working on this.
          • KS: Besides Tucson, interest from: Caltech (Carpenter and Murphy), UCSB (Gwinn & Lubin), STScI/UMd (LMA & Osten), Rutgers (Baker), and CfA/Harvard (Andrews / Wilner), Williams (Hawaii)
          • Community Day proposal from Harvard-Smithsonian April 19, 20, 26 or 27, 2011.
          • ACTION: Kartik - ask Carol how she wants the selection of Community Days. What will staffing be if we do all of them?
          • ACTION: Dong Chan - Set up a registration page for Santa Fe?
          • ACTION: Need web page registrations up and running before AAS so that people can register immediately (by Jan 3rd meeting, a demo).
          • ACTION (Lyndele): DONE. Add current CV Community Days to NAASC work calendar.
        • We need to keep track of where we are going for colloquia => how, where
          • KS: There is a wiki page created to do this here. But since the Twiki keeps eating my edits I also created a google doc which anyone can edit using this link
          • KS: Started to put the Talking Points memo on Google Docs here - viewable at this link (not editable by others).
          • ACTION: (Lyndele): DONE. add tracking wiki; add link at Calendar page
        • ALMA 3-hour session at UCIrvine Extragalactic conference (Al organizing our presence)
          • Crystal will not be able to stay for session
        • Initial Powerpoint loaded to the wiki here - for talks that people may give.
        • Important: If you use portions of Alison's talk, make sure that you aren't using something that is not freely available for distribution
        • Discussion of tutorial info/registration pages
        • Kartik suggests development of a 1-hour long mm/submm tutorial at training events; most people will know little about radio-astronomy. If anyone wants to help, contact Kartik.
        • ACTION: Kartik: ask Carol if/when person is coming to help prepare radio-astronomy tutorial/curriculum development.
        • ACTION: Need a detailed agenda for 2-day training sessions (prioritized list). The Victoria one-day session will be model for in-house sessions; will include evaluation. Example: Santa Barbara may want more information about radio-astronomy.
    • Science Web, News, and EPO (Aaron)
      • NAASC articles for eNews - Jan. ideas
        • Jan 7th. Interview with Robin, remind of NAASC session at AAS mission & post-doc interview, Tony Remijan science, listing Town Hall talk links, Al construction, Feb Charlottesville tutorial.
        • ACTION: ask Carol, should we announce Feb tutorial in enews?
        • ACTION: delay pre-announcement until after AAS.
      • SciComm activities/interaction with EPO groups *In flux - postpone discussion
      • ALMA document template news ??
      • SciWeb working group
    • Documentation (Jim)
      • We need to work with CIS to get a solution for casaguides -> almaguides, Deadline Feb. 1
      • Research Facility Brochure Status?
    • NAASC Presence at Science meetings (Adam)
  • AOB

-- CrystalBrogan - 2010-12-20
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