Minutes from Aug. 30, 2010 meeting

In attendance: Tony (from Chile), Scott and Brenda (Canada), Crystal, Kartik, Al, Dong Chan, Aaron

  • Chile has not heard same news we have about recommendation for Feb. 1 call (from Tony)
  • Configurations not clear for ES just yet and therefore not clear what the CfP will say.  Hope to have updated info so we can update Primer by AAS.
  • From previous action items: We can print and bind the primers in house - 2 weeks lead time requested.  Mid-Dec is when we should have the AAS version printed.
  • Rachel made the template for the Primers.

Task Leads:
  • Tony: Working on Splatalogue memo
    • ACTION: Tony to mail P. Jewell and K. O' Neill about the Victoria meeting
  • Aaron:  To work on SciWeb updates this week
    • ACTION: Aaron to link sci web off the USG wiki
    • ACTION: Sci web updates to be done by next Monday
  • Kartik: Tutorials page updated.  Please review and send comments.  Train the Trainers probably will be all day event on Tuesday, Nov 9th.
    • ACTION: Brenda to ask Gerald about whether Canada folks are going to come as helpers for the February workshop.
Main Events: Discussion of the Primer Example Cases:
  • ACTION: All of us: We want to quote the sensitivity exactly and then say to get the same UV-coverage what we would need and how this would improve the sensitivity.  Do not quote overheads in the Primer examples.
  • ACTION: All of us: Change Observing Time to Observing Requirement to get out of the problem with what the OT requires.
  • ACTION: All of us: Even for point source identification a S/N of 5 may not be enough if the beams are really bad.  Same with the S/N for spectral lines so clarify why this is ok.
  • ACTION: All of us: Add Data Rate to example after Observing Requirement.  Please check the data Rate:  Max Data rate is 64 Mb/s.
  • ACTION: All of us:  Is the calculator correct when compared to other "real" observatories.  We know that the ALMA calculator uses the radiometry equation but are the numbers realistic
  • ACTION: Get our PPTs done by Friday and send them to Gerald?
  • ACTION: Crystal to send Org chart to NRC
  • ACTION: Tony to clarify the correlator modes for ES

Next Week's meeting:  Sep 7, Tuesday at 3pm due to Labor Day, focus will be on Science Web

-- CrystalBrogan - 2010-08-31
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